My wife and I got our first Chip today!

Yeah, my wife and i got chipped today, we both got the Next together with a nice door lock.
Thanks to One More Tattoo we are now officially the first Couple in Luxembourg to be Cyborgs…


Congratulations! Welcome :fireworks:

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where in Luxembourg. I’m sometimes visiting a good friend in Germany / Trier.

Luxembourg city, the tattoo studio who does the implants is One More Tattoo and Piercing
In Luxemburg city,
We live in a small town close to Trier! So we might be the first in germanys oldest town as well. Haha

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i think maybe second.

I bought for my friend in 2018 the xNT :slight_smile:

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Isn’t anything close to everything else in Luxemburg? I used to cross that country through its longest length from Wemperhaardt to Esch in half a day on my way to France from Belgium when I was cycle-touring there.


So I’m visiting Trier in February again :slight_smile: Will be a meeting possible. I’m one of the craziest people with a lot of chipimplants in Europe (27 RFIDs and magnets)