My xM1 "magic" stopped working

I thought the xm1 was only ever available as a gen1 bc they couldn’t get gen2 in a bare die to be small enough for a x-series? Have I missed something?

Very old post, but will answer your question

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Yeah that confirms what I thought that the xm1 has never been sold as gen2. Turns out I had a typo in my previous post and put gen2 twice. I was just confused that stargazer said there was a normal xm1 with gen1a and the xm1+ was gen2, but the post from amal shows the xm1 original as a plain mifare chip and the xm1+ as the rewriteable.

Then mine is an XM1+

Oh sorry me being confused was completely unrelated to the conversation

We used to sell an xM1 that was a real mifare 1k chip, then we sold the xM1+ which was a magic mifare 1k gen1a… but it was experiential. Eventually we found we could not source the legitimate mifare chips anymore, and the magic mifare proved to be solid… so we just changed the name of the product to xM1 for the magic mifare gen1a

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there doesn’t seem to be a solution, does there? :sleepy: