My xm1 not work?

I installed my xm1 but it does not read proxmark3 if there is a device with a stronger antenna because I can not read or write my chip I checked all directions and angles what you think on iCopy-X may work better. In the pictures I am sending that it was not working on xm1 and everything else is read. Please help

I’m semi in the same boat, I haven’t gotten my proxmark to work with mine…

But I have scanned it with an android phone… so it’s there and “working”

I suspect a proxmark issue I’m not smart enough to know about yet

Android phone sees him but nothing else. I want to know if there is a copying device with a better antenna or it was possible to write in the manual to set up my chip before implantation, it would be easier because after implantation it is practically impossible to copy and write with porxmar3 but the 125khz chip works and Proxmark reads it but I wanted xm1 to open my door.

So YOUR door?
As in, you own the lock?

If so then you should be able to just enroll it into your Lock if:
It is compatible
it can be read

What is the make and model of your Lock?

How long ago did you install your xM1?

Yes it’s door at my home.
It’s We.lock locker
xM1 I here installed a week ago but my Proxmark3 doesn’t see my chip at all.

Usually people are told to wait two weeks, some people get lucky and can read theirs immediately, others have to wait a couple of weeks for the swelling to go down and get a good read.

You might not be able to see or feel any swelling but it can still be an issue.

On top of that you want to present your chip at right angles across the antenna.

Their is a lot of discussion about the icopy devices (based on the Proxmark3) as they appear to have some proprietary requirements where they will only clone onto their cards.

I have been playing a lot with MiFare cards recently (including Magic ones) and small RC522 based reader board although not any XM1 implants and had no issues reading them with that, including the Magic ring. I know my Proxmark3 can read the magic ring as well, so I don’t think it is a Proxmark 3 issue.

Magic ring being read on Proxmark3 on android

Note that if I turn the ring 90 degrees I have a much harder time coupling in the exact same spot.