My xsiid dosent work

Well it didnt work for me
I cant detect even my implant who do i fix this

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I would like to help you, but could you do me a favour, could you ask your full question and provide as much details as possible?
So far I understand that you have an xSIID and the flipper can read it, but you can’t write to it?

What exactly are you trying to write?
A URL, some TEXT? etc

NFC Tools should let you write to it, as long as it is not larger than ~1k

Here are some options

My problem is that my phone cant write to it or read it also ohter phones cant my flipper can read but i dont have a way to write to it anymore i think its broken somhoe beacuse it work fine with my phone in the past 2 weeks i would like to be able again to read or write to it from my phone my phone isnt the problem as it can read ohter tags fine



Ok, lets try this

You will need:
Your xSIID
Your Flipper
Your Phone ( With TagInfo installed )

With your Flipper and xSIID, you should be able to easily get a read, when you are close to reading, you will get a really fast blinking LED of your xSIID, it will stay on solid as it is being read

On your Flipper, you will see
Blue - rapid Blue blinking when it is searching
Yellow - rapid when it detects something
Green - Steady on, After a successful read

Once you have a successful read


Select “More”
Then “Emulate”



Grab your phone,
Use TagInfo
Place your Flipper to your phone

and share the results

Something like this


I could not read it with my phone but i got piturs of the data on the chip from my flipper


If you can read your xSIID with the Flipper, but your phone can’t read the Flipper emulating it, You phone might be the problem, NOT the xSIID.

Can you confirm NFC is turned on?

Yes nfc is turnd on but the only fix i could find was to reset my phone and i would prefer not to do this

What phone make and model is your phone?

Samsung s 20 fe

READ your implant with your FLIPPER ZERO. Then, EMULATE your implant. Then, READ your FLIPPER ZERO with your SMARTPHONE. Your tag info should go:

Implant > Flipper Zero > Smartphone

Please do this so we can see what the tag looks like. We need you to work with us here for us to be able to help you.

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Do you have a case on your phone? Try without the case.

Also, have you confirmed the best location and orientation of your phone to get a good read using the XFD keychain?

No phone case i try i determent the best place to read i tried letting it read for 10 min + no data can be read or written even if i simulate my tag with the flipper i want to be able to read and write again with my phone

If i would need a second read/writer for my implant to fix this issu i would like to get some suggetions on what are good opions

What we are trying to determine is if there is a broken NDEF record on your tag that might be preventing your phone from reading the tag. Basically when operating systems on smartphones detect a tag, the operating system tries to do all this probing to determine information about the tag being presented. This happens before handing off tag data to any running application, in fact the application waiting for NFC data will never even know a tag was presented if the probing process fails catastrophically. That can happen if there is a malformed container on the tag.

Generally speaking, other readers that are not smartphones can still deal with the tag but in this rare instance smartphones are basically rendered impotent.

This is why we want you to read the tag with the flipper and emulate that to a phone. If the data on the flipper causes the same problem with your phone, then we know there’s something wrong with the data and we can make attempts to fix it.

Thanks for the explanation i cant read the data with my phone even if i emulate it with the flipper is there a fix for this or no

so this sounds promising… anyone know if the flipper can wipe the user memory on the xSIID or reset it? i’ve not played enough with my flipper to know (yes i’m a bad bad man)

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NFC Magic used to have a Wipe command for cards that supported it. I dont see it anymore though on the app.