My xsiid dosent work

Well its now week 4 after my install and i cant read or write to my implant any more any help or suggetions i can try

What devices have you tried to use to write to it.

You should have received a keychain that blinks when you present it to a reader make sure you can get it to blink on the device you are using to read or write with and resent the Xsiid in the same orientation.

Does your Xsiid blink at all when presented?

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So you have been able to read and write previously?
How long after install were you able to do this?

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Yes i could write with my samsung galaxy s20

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Yes i glows but after 1 min or even longer no connwvtwion or any kind of data transfer could happen

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Do you get any reads with NFC Tools app?

So it’s glowing solid, not blinky?

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Actually, my xSIID, implanted for some years, has been acting up lately. Very difficult to get a read or to have the LED lit.

So no i can’t read with nfc tools or tag writer eder i tried with my flipper zero but that also di not work

Ok let’s clarify further, it’s solid on and not blinking when you are trying to read it with a phone?

Okay here’s a few troubleshooting tips I can give you until Amal or one of the countless others with more knowledge chime in.

  1. Did you get a little keychain in the box with your implant that looks like a larger implant? Possibly with a little DT logo on it? If so, take that keychain and move it around on your phone until it lights up solid and as bright as possible. Take note of it’s orientation and position relative to the device scanning it. Now, put your implant in as close to the same location and orientation as possible, then try reading it.

  2. If that doesn’t work, try a different device. NFC may be a standard but almost no two devices treat the standard the same. Two different devices may give out wildly different levels of power, have differently shaped antennas, or may just not really follow the standard in any way other than reading NDEF data.

  3. Do you have a proxmark? There’s an absolute TON of different diag and user tools available to them that could give you a great idea of what’s happening on your xSIID.

The fact it lights up makes me think that your chip may have corrupted data or something similar on it. I’m purely speculating here but most phones will just pretend like there’s no tag if they get bad data. Using a tool like NFCTools will at least tell you if there IS data received, whether or not it’s useful to your device. Ultimately, I’d recommend investing into a device like the Flipper Zero or Proxmark3. They’ll just make your life with implants so much easier. Especially if you ever get something with a little more functionality than an xNT or xSIID.

Who do i write from my flipper to my implant fo i need a special fap or does it just work with emulation

Do you have a Flipper Zero? If so, try reading your implant with that first. If it pulls up a UID or pages then you’re probably fine and may just have it kind of deep. If it doesn’t read but will light up, I would try copying a random tag to your implant with the Flipper Zero. If your Flipper can interact with the implant properly than it probably functions and is just having coupling issues with your smartphone. Otherwise, there may be a problem with the actual NTAG i2c inside of the xSIID.

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Yea i have on i can read with the flipper zero but cant write

Mine didn’t work either, and it was because while playing with it I corrupted the NDEF data. I followed this guide to reset the record and it works flawlessly.

I’ve learned I have to do this any time I write anything other than a link to it. It’s unfortunate, but that’s just the reality of it. I’d like to keep a business card on it, and it’ll read via an NFC reader when I write the data, but it won’t auto open anything even if I re-write a link to it.

Good luck


See I think I circumvented this by only writing a link that serves my business card info through Blinq. Or using the dangerousthings card server


Ah, that’s a great idea. I didn’t even think about that! Thanks!

Not nearly as great as your username

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