Mystery prongs on xAC

What are those for?

Standby, I will try and find you the post where that has been asked previously…
I think they are a remnant from the original car immobiliser function

Ah sorry, I didn’t mean to ask something that was already answered. I looked around quickly but couldn’t find anything.

No probs, it is buried a little deeper in a separate thread rather than the specific question you asked… still looking

If you have a security bit ( z) i think, it is an easy trace to follow visually on the PCB…
still looking… :wink:

It’s actually in at least another 2 posts, not sure why I cant find it…yet

Still looking :eyes:

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Finally, found one of them…

Interestingly, the port looks like it was originally designed for a RJ45 plug…


Oh right, silly me, I did find that post but didn’t think of looking at the traces. So it looks like it’s the ground and the control signal repeated on the prongs.


No problems, the other one I was thinking of discusses the prongs at the antenna end…
It has some “photoshop” over it

Right, I just noticed the set of prongs on the other side as well :slight_smile:

Anyway, it doesn’t look like they expose hidden functionalities that could be exploited.

Get outta my head @anon3825968

Great minds think alike :slight_smile: