N00b questions (Ubuntu + xNT NFC Chip + KBR1 RFID Reader)

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I’m seriously considering getting the xNT NFC Chip and KBR1 RFID Reader. I’ve had a search of the Forum but can’t find clarification on a few questions I have;

  1. Are there any issues with getting Ubuntu (22.04 LTS) to recognise the USB KBR1 reader? If so, are there any scripts/apps/workarounds?
  2. If the answer to question 1 is solvable, (i.e. I can get the KBR1 working under Ubuntu) am I right in thinking that the card acts like a keyboard? So if there’s a text field on the screen such as the main login screen of my PC or maybe a password field for an app such as BitWarden, when I scan the chip the info will just appear in the field?
  3. Using this combo of chip and reader, is it possible to store more than 1 passphrase? I know it depends on size/length, I just mean as long as multiple passphrases all ‘fit’ on the chip, can I use it that way? If so, how exactly would that work? Lets say I had 4 passphrases on the chip, how does the reader know which one to use?

Sorry if these are painfully obvious questions and thanks in advance for any guidance you can offer.

the card doesn’t act as a keyboard the kbr1 does. in the sense it puts keyboard input in to your field

it takes the serial number of the card, add some endianess convert to decimal and type it in your field. so no you couldn’t have multiple things on it. you wouldn’t be able to control which one gets scanned each time lol


Not at all, it acts like a keyboard, just plug it in and it’ll work

That’s correct, it just types out the data

This one’s not possible, the KBR1 doesn’t interact with a chip’s user storage at all, it just reads the UID (Unique Identifier) that is pre-programmed into most chips, it’s not usually changeable. On the few chips where it is changeable, you could still only store one on each chip.

If you wanted to use this to input a password, your password would have to be set to match the chip’s UID

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Ah, then I think I’ve misunderstood. I was hoping to be able to set a high entropy password/phrase on the chip, which, when scanned, would be entered into a password field. But if I understand you correctly, what I’d have to do is actually change my app password/lpc login/whatever to match the chips UID? Is that right?

Makes sense, thanks :slight_smile:

That’s correct

You may be able to use a different reader, but I’m not the right person to help you there. This may be a good place to start for future research:

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Thanks for the pointers, much appreciated :slight_smile: