N3 Nail Chip smart

hi everyone, today i received this tiny toy from aliexpress. it’s really very small and works well with my iphone’s NFC.
Here are the features:

what do you think? what would its best use be?

Get one of those NFC LED nails so you can try to make a micro flexNExT

There are NFC nails with a blinky and a NTAG213 chip in em.

Speaking of which Kai… hint hint nudge nudge say no more :slight_smile:

I’ve heard the rumors, but my nightly aliexpress hunts yielded nothing.
My current fav is the flexDF2 with NFC Nail as a contact sharing implant.
But let’s see the Apex Jumbo first :slight_smile:

How good is the read range?

Not bad, with iphone xs max and the case is detected if approached very close

Good find. It looks highly implantable. But from what you say, it might have trouble reading through skin.

But with such a small size, it would last a long time as a simple nail sticker.

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this is the distance including the mobile phone cover and the chip packaging

it would be nice to insert a small led and an injectable capsule so as to create a micro xsiid

I’d love that!

However, remember, the smaller the less range it’ll have… I guess it depends on your phone / case / expectations