Nashville Bombing 5G man

I held off on posting this for awhile just to see if anyone else might bring it up but I figured hey I’m a local I’ll just go ahead, and I figured it would fit in since we often talk about stupid conspiracies.

On Christmas Day there was a bombing in Nashville at the “Batman Building” which for those who don’t know is a hub for AT&T (American telecommunications company). The man has an intercom telling people to get out of the area so his intentions clearly weren’t to harm anyone. As of now it is thought there is a possibility he had 5G paranoia. More info about bombing
Talk about possible 5G paranoia
Figured we could talk about it or I could just show you guys what’s happening on this side of the country :sweat_smile:

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Yeah I’m waiting for more details before speculation but if it was a 5g conspiracy related bombing, we will have a solid example of just how dangerous a severe lack of education coupled with conspiracy theory nonsense can be.

I heard there were human remains… was anyone inside the RV? Has that been confirmed?


From what I’ve read the remains were identified as Anthony Quinn Warner who was killed in the blast and was a lone bomber.

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From the article:

Mr Warner bought into a conspiracy theory that 5G technology was being used to spy on Americans

To be fair, cellphones are used to track people. That much ain’t no conspiracy theory.


While I don’t necessarily agree with her conclusion, this was a good explanation for people that aren’t RF experts…

Good introduction to the issue.

At least now I’m reassured: the radiation for the DT mind control field can’t give you cancer or rona, because since it encompasses the entire globe, logically it must be generated by a high-power kilometric wavelength transmitter. Proof’s in the pudding: I’ve had a variety of DT implants for quite some time and I’m totally f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-fine.

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Good luck tracking me. I left my phone at a gas station 8 hours away while travelling home from Christmas. :roll_eyes:



What is the weather like in SW Arkansas?


Could be wrong but if he traveled 8 hours he’s probably not in Arkansas anymore

Well we’re in Kansas anymore…

Have you managed to organise getting your phone returned?

Yeah, had to send my Mother to pick it up and mail it to me. Little weird not having it on me all the time.