Naval base and boomers

hia yall. For reverence I am a civilian.
So in a few weeks I am going to be on a naval base and doing some stuff on a nuclear sub. I have not mentioned my implants as I did not think it would be a problem but then I got to thunking. Dose anyone here have experience with implants and the US Military? I will most defiantly get wanded but the titan nor gx3 should trip it right? My plan was to be honest if asked but I did not want to get thrown out lol. Any experience or opinions?


Titan may … it’s a magnet after all… the others are small but a very sensitive wand could pick them up if they are x-series… those do have small ferrite rods inside.


Hmm did not think of the nEXT I mean it should be fine I can have my phone, they will just put an anittamper sticker on the camra. I just don’t won’t to explain the world of biohacking to some random E2 that is still hungover from the night before.


I believe civilian scanners like the ones at airports have a higher threshold because they don’t want to be searching everyone on false-positives. It makes sense when it’s mostly to scare people and there are thousands of them per day.
Based on that though I would assume the military ones would be tuned better and so they might pick up a magnet since it’s physically possible…

It’s hard to tell with the military :sweat_smile: when it comes to killing they come up with the craziest tech but the next day you find out they messed up sending an email

If you work on secret stuff then walking in and out with any kind of digital storage that you can’t leave behind would be an issue.
I don’t know about magnets but I would 100% mention NFC and lf tags.

I don’t think you are going to get any advice here but ‘maybe’ which will just make your decision harder to make. You need to consult someone intimate with the professional world that deals with military and how do deal with their command structure (for instance demanding another rank come and make a determination so you don’t have to deal with an E2). I would look to defense contractors with experience working on bases and who have passed a clearance. I don’t know where to find such people but you might know a few.

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Maybe @Backpackingvet will know?

Also, how the fuck are you again?

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Consider this. If just walkthough detector then there is no indication of location where the metal that is detected. Unless you are wearing gloves they will see there is nothing your hand and likely be passed off as a false positive or zipper or metal button on your clothing.

If it’s a body scanner then chances are the magnet is not dense enough to show up.

If detected via a wand and the hand location comes up you could pass this off as having shrapnel or pins in your hand. Sonce nothing is visible i highly doubt there would be further investigation.

If detected via a wand and the hand location comes up you could pass this off as having shrapnel or pins in your hand.

Lying to military security while entering a sensitive area seems like a great way to set yourself up for problems, but an empty hand and a dismissive “yeah, I’ve got a bit of metal stuck in there” isn’t untrue and would probably get you waved through without any follow-up questions.

If they are letting people take their keys or wallets through, then I don’t think there is any need for you to bring up your implants, you would probably struggle to find someone who isn’t carrying some sort of RFID tag these days.

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Given this is a military thing,

I would suggest you dig through your regs about what you are and are not allowed for body mods

People often ask about and are afraid of tsa detecting implants, and my default response is

“… then you tell them you have an implant which is legal, and none of their concern and to pound sand”

Default is usually “if it’s not prohibited, it’s permitted” but military can be fucky so this may not be the same

Did some google digging… and found least a coast guard standards… which is less than permissive,

Wait…. I missed the first fucking line… you’re a civilian so your rule book is a lot weirder then…

Yee I’ll talk to my forman I mean you can have your keys wallet phone etc so it should be fine. Just in my experience implants scare people especially blue coller Conservatives. So I was seeing if anyone had done jobs for the us government and had some experience it is kinda funny so far my friend that works on nuke power plants has to go through more stuff than I do. I’ll for sure be honest at the gate I don’t want to get taken to the fun room and asked why I lied especially with the nEXT.

Fun story at one of the first jobs I did I mentioned my nEXt to some people on lunch break and one buffoon thought I had it for corporate espionage reasons and went and taddeld. So had to explain to the plant manager I was not using my implant to get info of their 20yo glass insulation machine . I will say the conversation lasted all of 30 seconds, but the manager said the way the dude spun it sounded like I could copy everything on the machine by just gliding my hand across it.
Also when will the implant that allows me to Brutforce a password and, fully download all the files off a computer in under a second be available for purchased? SOON maybe

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A good way to explain to the muggles is,

“I have a rfid key card from my hotel on me, are you worried about it stealing all your things?”

“No, it’s just a key card”

“Cool this is the same shit”


If I were them I would be a little bit worried. It’s equivalent to a very small usb stick or SD card and in some contexts that would be a serious security issue.
In this context they’re not working on software afaik so it might not be a big deal for them.

It’s a way to bring data in and out that they might not be able or allowed to check. And they definitely do check, ie if you carry a camera for a documentary for example.


The picture I use on this site was taken at a Naval base off the coast of California. It felt apt. I wish you luck!


If asked, I would leave it as vague as possible. Start at “Medical implant” … Then slowly add info if asked.
Once inside, I wouldn’t mention it and absolutely not use any of it to avoid any misunderstanding.
I would leave the programmer/reader at home too, so if you or the vehicle is searched there is nothing to find.

This is the concern with secure facilities.

Ps: no legal advice, just a rando on the Internet :grin:

Wait things said on Internet forms are not legal advice ? Who knew. I normally just say I inpatiented my motorcycle key after I lost 3 of them. Which is mostly the truth lol. I do need to finish doing my bike ignition… Then it will be the complete Truth