NCFKill attacks against implants

Ironically we will be stocking these & the USB killer in the near future.

let me know how the tests go !


Good business plan,
Sell 'em
Kill 'em
Sell 'em all over again!!!


Haha not quite

This is more towards are other store Https://

Security/redteam style rather than that

… Although if all else fails …


I just got the NFCKill pro the other day, so I thought I would sit down and get a video of it disabling an 13.56 MHz Field Detector.

I’ll be sending this unit on to @amal in the next couple of weeks (still need it for another project) so he can do some more thorough testing for everyone.


Are you gonna do some more testing with the Titan fabric? That’s awesome you got one of those @freqyXin


Yeah, great share.
Great but nasty bit of kit

Thanks for your sacrifice of the xField detector.

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Very cool !

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Interesting idea from another thread… presenting the NFC Kill device to an NFC reader to kill it… I think it would probably kill a large percentage of HF readers, including some smartphones… anyone willing to try it?

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My first thought here was, can they both be triggered at the exact same time?

There can be only one…

(edit) I totally misread that. I thought you were talking about using an NFC Kill on another NFC Kill

Were going to look to order some in hopefully within the month.

Once they arrive I can :slight_smile:

I’ve got an old phone I could sacrifice tonight. I’ve got a dangerous things reader too, but I’m not as willing to kill that since its what I’m using to check RF shielding at the moment.

I could, however, test anything that is shipped to me. I’ve got a blossoming home lab and some spare time for projects.

Oooo well I know the USB killer works like a charm… :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:
I’d like to see how the NFC killer works.
You think there would be that type of terrorism at defcon?

Not if they want to come back

Just incase you missed @freqyXin post above

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It feels like defcon is more about sneaky intrusions and clandestine interventions over brute force destruction… close, but just not exactly the same.


Still wouldn’t mind an implant that can ruin whatever scans it. I am more or less thinking I would use that if law enforcement, or anyone ever tries to force scan me… (reallll doubtful)

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I would be apart of that Kickstarter lol


I have the ideas! It probably helps I have a limited idea of what stuff really does, so I can spout ridiculous ideas.

But it would be a nice last “F U” to whoever tries to scan me against my will.

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Realistically you could wipe your implants with your phone in a situation like that

Care to tell me how?