NCFKill attacks against implants

For the cost of a couple of access cards, it would prove a point
“Your staff should be wearing RFID Shield ID card carriers”
And here’s why

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We where talking about blowing the reader on the door so that that a pen tester could slip in when they end up propping the door open or something like that due to it being broken.

There is limited to no gain from killing a card in terms of getting further access that I can think of.

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Ah, gotcha.
Still a DOS on an individual(s)
but I see your point

If you kill enough badges, ie a phony reader, it could make the target second guess badges that don’t work. They’ll either set up a manned checkpoint (bad) or just prop the door open (good) until its “fixed”


I was thinking this too. Create a precedence where access cards aren’t working, then just slip in with all the others.

I haven’t had a chance to watch the whole video yet, but what kind of… spill does it have? How narrow is the target area, if that makes sense?

Would you need to protect, or worry about, hand implants while using it on, say a key card?

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The radiation pattern seems to be fairly tight, but I didn’t have any intentional testing of that characteristic.

I would say yes, there is enough evidence to suggest that caution should be taken if this device is used by someone with hand implants. I make a somewhat conscious effort to keep my hand implant clear of the strike face on the NFCKill. But seeing how the range is considerably longer on the LF side than I had previously thought, I’ll be keep my hand far away now.


Thanks for taking the time to reply! I’m checking out the video now - thanks for sharing it!