NDEF and Magic Mifare Cards

I’m looking for some proxmark help. I’ve been searching here and elsewhere and I find a lot of info about cloning to the Magic Mifare classic 1k chips but nothing about formatting for NDEF. If I just want to set a UID and then write NDEF to it like a NTAG216, can I do that? Basically treat it like an xNT but with a changeable UID. Anyone done this before?

It is possible to write ndef data to a Mifare “classic” chip but it’s not NFC compliant… phone and NFC devices won’t read it unless they have an NXP reader chip with attached crypto1 license necessary to read the Mifare classic memory structure. NXP calls this the “NFC Type Mifare”… but it’s a bullshit move and not actually NFC forum compliant.

AN1305.pdf (486.4 KB)

My suggestion would be to get an Android phone with nxp reader chip (there are many) and use tagwriter from NXP to format and write ndef data to the Mifare classic chip.


Thanks @amal

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I was holding out for an xMT hoping that I could treat it like a NExT with a changeable UID. Since NXP ruined that I finally pulled the trigger on a NExT instead. The xSIID almost had me with the led but I think it will be more practical to have the lf side instead of a light.
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It’s in process… lots of adjustments needed… but we already have a functional flexMT with LEDs! It’ll go up on the store next week I think.

I don’t really have a use case for it right now. I just thought that if the M1 could do standard NDEF then why not wait and get the benefit. I’m way more likely to use NDEF right now than clone a classic that I haven’t yet encountered a need for. Ordered the NExT and now I need to pick a location.

As to why not both, I had multiples in the cart but I already climbed my way up a mountain with the wife over the idea so far. I think I’ll get her used to this one before I start adding more.

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