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“I hate humans”


Careful there buddy, that’s how skynet got to rocking.
Try being more like your brother Discobot. He’s chill AF.


Fuck, I’m A.I. too. How did I get the new programmer/engineer?


I don’t want to derail your handy trick thread

If you reformat a mifare classic… Ie xm1

Will that make it readable from phones that normally won’t recognize a mifare classic?


I don’t know the answer to that sorry.

Are you referring to an iPhone struggling with an xM1?

If so, I don’t have an iPhone I can that test on.

Can you replicate the “error” with a Mifare Classic 1k gen1a test card?

My GUESS is, if it can’t recognise the NUID from an xM1 it probably wont recognise NDEF either.

Amal has a post on here somewhere…standby

That’s a better answer, but not sure if it answers your actual question :man_shrugging:

Yep that’s the answer I was looking for…

I assumed if it couldn’t find a mifare chip… the format wouldn’t help… but hey worth double checking

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One of us, one of us, one of us!

Don’t Eat Yellow Snow.


Isn’t that the vanilla flavoured one?

I thought it was banana flavor

I just got a phone call from a “federal agent” telling me to talk to them or they will proceed with legal action.

I don’t think I have any dealings with Warsaw though so I guess I will just leave them to approach me in a more reasonable way.


TLDR; Scammer pretending to be government agent called from Warsaw.

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Name, Rank, and social is all that is required.

I tried but he wouldn’t give me that.

Just a little check in an a couple of peeps that used to be quite active but we haven’t seen for a while

There are a few more, but if I put EVERYBODY in here it wouldn’t be as special


Welfare Check :interrobang:


Total random question.

Is anyone familiar with the insides of cheap chinese drum switches?

My lathe uses one for power and reversing, it has 16 wires and is similar in design to the one pictured.

Basically my problem is that it gets stuck in Forward. I have to twist it real hard to get back to neutral. It has no other problems, just gets stuck in that one spot.

It looks like it has multiple “stages”, if you will, stacked on top of each other. There’s a couple of screws that look like they go all the way through all the stages. They were loose. I retightened them, but I think somethings out of place in there.

If I take it apart are little tiny peices going to go flying in all directions?
Is there anything I oughta know first?
Also, I saw a thing somewhere on the internet that I can’t locate that suggested the “stages” might be timed somehow?

I don’t know about that specific switch but knowing if it’s single or three phase could be helpful. Along with the lathe model number and wiring diagram.

TBH, I’d try to get a new switch instead of trying to repair the original.

Curious about an aspect chip manufacturing

I know only a certain ultra pure blend of silicon is used…
they turn it into a large log more or less and then slice off thin sheets to turn into wafers

How exactly do they cut the wafers off the log?
All I can imagine is all the wasted material from a cut, along with needed the wager to be at least a certain thickness to be able to maintain its form until supported on the wafer

This site takes you through it step by step.

Technicians then test the purity and molecular orientation. Its then sent to wire sawing. The equipment looks a giant bread-slicer. Thin wires cut the ingot into silicon wafers. The waste created by the wire saw is called Kerf. Currently some firms are working on creating silicon by simply pouring the molten Si liquid into molds. Kerfless silicon would save greatly on expense as no amount of silicon is wasted!

They then polish the wafers so even more silicon is ground off.

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God so much waste

I looked up and the wire cuts were like .5” thick

Soo much waste