NDEF for Bitcoin

I have a xNT and an Adafruit Arduino shield transponder board. After writing arbitrary data to the addressable space I realized there’s a format called NDEF. I found the Android NFC Tools app to have a good selection of types, one of which is labeled “Bitcoin”.

Is this really a part of the NDEF standard? It seems …useful.

It just creates a custom URI record. The URI record is part of the NDEF standard, nothing to do with bitcoins.

The record created by that tool is formatted as bitcoin:[address]?amount=[amount]&message=[message]

I assume when you scan that, it might ask to open your bitcoin app then transfer the [amount] into the wallet [address]?

right… basically the URI format for bitcoin uses the bitcoin: protocol identifier… to work properly though a bitcoin wallet app on your phone would need to hook that protocol so it was launched instead of the default browser… so there are a lot of moving parts that need to line up to make this work… but it could be useful yes.