NDEF Output as Human Interface Device

Hey Amal,

I got my KBR1 and it works beautifully. The range is great and I am even able to get a read with it mounted underneath a desk. I realize it is a pretty specific purpose reader (output uid as Human Interface Device)
meant to work perfectly for pin login. Not expecting it to be something it is not.

Is there anything in the works for a similar device that would output maybe an NDEF text record as a Human Interface Device? Sadly I am in the corporate world where solutions that do not involve IT are limited and PIN login is disabled via policy for me. I know there are readers that can read any kind of record, but the ability to act as HID without a software install seems a bit unique.

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Interesting idea… but more difficult and would limit the types of ISO14443A tags that could be read. The UID is reported as part of the PICC selection process, so no special understanding of chip memory structure or access requirements are necessary to get the UID… it is part of the selection response… but if you want to read a chip’s memory and process NDEF data it becomes much more difficult.

It’ll go on the “idea shelf” for sure…

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