Need Assistance with Apex Flex Implant Usage and Configuration

Hello Dangerous Things Community,

I’m a new member here, having just recently received the Apex Flex implant. It’s an impressive piece of technology, but I’m finding myself a bit overwhelmed when it comes to fully utilizing its capabilities.

I’m currently using an iPhone and have been struggling with understanding how to generate secrets and enable certain features. I’m not sure if I’ve missed something or if I’m just not comprehending it all completely.

If it’s pertinent for me to procure an NFC reader for my computer, I want to mention that I already have a Proxmark3 at my disposal.

So, I was hoping you could guide me towards any resources or tutorials that could help me make the most of my Apex Flex. It would be wonderful to find step-by-step guides or even video tutorials that explain the process clearly.

I appreciate your help and look forward to learning from all the experiences you can share. Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

You can find some usage tips for a few applets at flexsecure-applets/docs/applets at master · DangerousThings/flexsecure-applets · GitHub . For the Apex, you can skip the technical installation descriptions, as that is handled by Fidesmo.

For the PC, you need a PC/SC / CCID conformant USB NFC reader.

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Don’t feel bad, you haven’t missed anything. We haven’t really posted any onboarding documentation or how-to instructions yet. We still need to finish those up before we can consider the Apex “ready for market”…