Need Help - Proxmark3 / 9651T

Hey guys having some trouble with my cloned 9651T to work 100%.

I cloned by 9651T key fob to one of these guys:

And it works on my door but it doesnt work on any of my apt exterior doors (it doesnt beep).

However if I put my Proxmark3 into SIM mode and simulate the same file it works perfectly.

Do I just need a different fob to clone onto?

Was the original a Card, and you copied to a fob?

If so, it might just be a reader issue.

ie. your door has more power than the exterior doors.

You might just need to play around with placement and presentation of tge fob to tge exterior readers.

Try a
swipe across the face of the readers


and see if that makes a difference

are the fobs you bought gen1a or gen2? do they use a backdoor command to write to sector 0 or not? the readers on the apt may be checking for backdoor fobs?