Need Help with a Mifare 4k 7 byte on Proxmark3


I am new to Proxmark3 and have tried to look up some information regarding this issue but couldn’t find anything. I really would appreciate if someone can help me. I am trying to replicate a Salto fob (Mifare Class 4k 7 byte) and havent had any luck successfully doing so. I purchased fobs from Aliexpress that are 4k 7 byte UID changable as well but every time I try to write it on the card I get an error.

Im willing to pay for someones time to help me throughout this process, if you can guide me please let me know!

my first step I did

hf mf autopwn

Then I typed

hf mf cload -f hf-mf00477EB2A196F80-dump-5.eml


these are the fobs that I am using

hf mf dump --4k -f [choose name]

now on your 4k cloning tag

hf mf restore --4k --uid [your uid] -f [your filename] -k [keyfile of the magic 4k]

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Thank you for the help I really appreciate it!

I am getting this error after typing the code, do you happen to know what I am missing?


you need tohave a key file for the magic card, autopwn it