Need Help with RFID Project Compatibility Issue

Hello Everyone,

I hope you’re all doing well. I’m currently working on an attendance system project using Arduino and an MFRC522 RFID sensor. Initially, everything was working smoothly as I tested it with original RFID cards/tags. However, recently my office has switched to using RFID cards from Mango RFID (

Unfortunately, these Mango RFID cards are not compatible with the MFRC522 sensor I’m using. I’ve tried various troubleshooting steps, including checking for library updates and ensuring proper connections, but I haven’t been successful in getting the Mango RFID cards to work with the sensor.

I’m reaching out to the community to seek help or advice on how to make these Mango RFID cards compatible with the MFRC522 sensor. If anyone has experience or knowledge about this issue, I would greatly appreciate any guidance or suggestions you can provide.

Yeah those cards i think are dual frequency.

The MFRC-522 isnt that great of a reader but it definately cannot read the EPC Gen2V2.

I would need one of the Mango cards to play with to know for sure but the PN7150 is a great module in comparison, i just dont know if it either will work on the NFC side of those cards