Need one of my orders cancelled!

I only meant to order the NExT RFID + NFC package deal, not the Vivokey. How do I go about cancelling ONLY the Vivokey order?

Also, is the Cash On Delivery option legitimate? Because I picked it. This is my third time trying to order after 9 years. Last time my bank screwed up and I wasn’t able to fulfill my dream. I hope this is the time, my time to shine! Looking forward to days of learning and tinkering!

Thank you for any help and time spent for my cause! <3

Hi Null,

No worries, I will make sure I cancel the Vivokey order this morning. What I will do is invoice you at the point of shipping. This is not a legitimate option Null, this option was activated by mistake, but I will make it legitimate for you :slight_smile:. I can look into COD for you.

My best,