Neotropolis - Cyberpunk Weekend

I just found out about Neotropolis and it seems like the type of aesthetic that people here would enjoy. I’ve never been to wasteland weekend, but it’s the same people putting it on. It’s like a cyberpunk/post-apocalyptic type event.

Has anyone heard about it/plan on going?


That looks like a lot of fun! I wish I could make it for their first event. Maybe next year! Was looking through the Factions page. Wonder if we could set up a biohacker faction in the theme zone. Create an info app on a tablet or something with a cyber punk UI that people can mess with to learn more about implants, maybe do some installs.
I’m going to start saving and plan for it next year!


I saw this the other day too! Don’t have the time or money to go this year, but there is always next year.

Yeah I just learned about it last night a few minutes before posting this. I really hope it does well because I am also in the next year line of thinking.

It would be AWESOME to have our own faction!!


That’s interesting. There’s definitely a market for fully immersive festival experiences. Everything always gotta be out in California though…

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That’s how I felt before I moved to California. Now its like DAMN! Everything is in California! Or Vegas xD

Having lived both in the midwest and the east coast though I totally get it.


I wonder if they would be okay with doing implants at the event…


Just do it, Go rogue!!!

Stabby :syringe: Stab :syringe: Stab :syringe:

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Woah, this looks amazing.

I live in CA, might just make this a weekend event just for the hell of it.

Did anyone end up going to Neotropolis?
Anyone want to set up a DT faction for next year’s event?
Maybe set up a DT vendor spot and an install area?

We could get a faction setup in Mega Block 1 with vendor space. I think the 10x10 double deep might be best. Would be able to build a temporary wall with plexiglass and a door for the install area to help keep if clean. Or the two story corner suite. Have the install area on the upper deck looking out of the city which might help
give first time installees something to look at besides the needle going in their hand lol

Or we could build our own setup outside of MB1, but that might be a bit more expensive to build, though we would have a lot more room to create an aesthetically pleasing setup.

The Theme Zone — NEOTROPOLIS

Upper deck requires extra waivers, so it wouldn’t be a good option for the install area. Basically it would be limited to faction members according to the documentation.

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I was thinking that they might be okay with it if we put up temp walls. We’ll need to put up walls for the install area if they allow us to do installs.
Another option would be to have a small vendor space in MB1 like the 5x10 or 5x20 for the displays, demo RFID locks, and whatnot, then have our faction outpost in a themed zone where we could do the installs.
The organizers might straight up say no to installing though, but yes to having a booth for everything else.

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