Neuralink talk on JRE

Elon was on the Joe Rogan Experience, and they have been talking about it. Human trials within a year he hopes and available in about 5?

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Uh-huh, riiiiggghhtt. I take everything Musk says with a mine of salt. He’s an idea man. I meet a lot of those. It’s tough to see the forest when you keep faceplanting into the trees.


I tried to write this but I could not articulate it well enough to post. I like your way of putting it.


I took it as in first trials in the next 2 years, and available for specific conditions in about 7 is where I see it.

No way will be be sold in 5 years. I hope I eat those words though.

What if someone gets one, and is able to think of better ways for it, due to their increased knowledge ?

What do you mean here? Not quite grasping what you are saying? :sweat_smile:


Like, if it increases thinking power, what if the person who gets one, can think of better ways for neuralink to work? They could come up with a faster way forward.

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Yeah i call horse shit on 5 years even 10. I dont see it becoming available to the public for a very long time, maybe in limited medical capacity but not general population it will be prevented from mass by a) cost b) regulation


He’s an idea man with a metric fuckton of money in the bank, and he’s made some of his ideas happen. That makes a whole lot of difference imho.


Elon in 2050: “We have finally given rats the ability to play Pong WITH THEIR MIIIIIIIIINDSSSSS”

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