New chip tunneling

Hi. Recently got my first chip implanted, about two weeks ago. Hadn’t had any problems, but yesterday I realized it had moved a bit back, and I’m able to push it forwards and back 1mm each way.

Is this anything to worry about or is it just something that’ll heal up on its own soon?

1mm is nothing. One of mine can travel ~35mm and it’s been a couple years. Movement of that magnitude not that common after the healing process though. Step one is don’t play with it. You can try to lock it in by taping toothpicks around it and wait for it to lock in.

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1mm is absolutely nothing to worry about, some people get 20mm.
The description we use is ‘migration’ if you want to search the forums where others have discussed it.

Doesn’t sound like any real cause for concern then. I’ll try locking it in place. Thank you

Excellent. Thank you, I’ll look it up

For lack of a better term, I call this the healing zipper. When you push the needle in and make the tunnel or pocket for the implant, then deposit the implant into this space, the body kind of heals in reverse and will push the implant back toward the incision. Sometimes it’s just a millimeter but sometimes it’s significantly more. Important thing is that this is normal and it will all settle out… Unless you develop a migration problem, which is different.

The more you play with it, the more the free travel will be permanent.

Also, note that glass implants rarely stay where you deposit them if they’re not coated: usually they take a hike to whatever lowest point between muscles and bone they feel like settling in. Mine moved a good 10 mm backward in my left hand and they settled so deep next to the thenar muscle - almost behind it - that they’re almost invisible. They work fine though, and they’re not going nowhere anymore.

That’s kind of an unfortunate consequence of the lack of conformal coating on DT implants if you really care about where you want them exactly.

Me too.
I put a chip one month ago
1 injection (blue)
2 chip inserted (Orange color)
3 chip moves from Red to Orange free everytime, i can push with fingers and mové to Orange área.

As a non human related note.

My dogs rfid chip migrated from between her shoulder blades, to the center of her chest.

On the human side, my NExT finally settled in a spot and is no longer on my bone after a year and half of it

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My NExT was on top of my pinky ligament for a few weeks, then nestled right in between my pinky and ring fingers nicely. My xSIID in P0 rotated about 45° and migrated backwards 2-3mm.

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