New cyborg here.. max bundle .Password on NeXT?

Just got my Max red bundle installed last night. Fyi that xLED HF has a huge needle. I wanted to check my NeXT and see it read… using NFC tools on android samsung s9+ it reads as password protected! I went do an erase and it says I cant due to it being (part protected) ? Is this normal? I did get it to write a vcard to it after that… question is is it normal to get it pre password protected?

The NExT should come with a password, but the password should only protect the config and things you likely don’t want to change anyway. You should still be able to read and write NDEF records without using a password. Here’s what Amal has to say on it.
Interestingly, NFC Tools doesn’t mention a password when I scan my NExT. Can you just try and write an NDEF record anyway and see if it works without a password? And if not, can we see screenshots of how it reads and what the write error is?


That’s what I needed to hear :slight_smile: I can write ndef things to it so it work as its ment to :slight_smile: !! Thanks

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