New cyborg here

Hey guys :wave: New to the forum here and just self installed my first implant 2 days ago, a green xSIID in the L0 position. I’ve wanted an implant for many years, but I’m the type to do more research than necessary before pulling the trigger on anything.

A little about me;
I’ve done a lot of my own piercings and tattoos and I took 2 years of anatomy/physiology, medical terminology etc in college, so I was quite confident in my ability to self install. I’m a hacker/computer nerd by nature, Kali and Mint are my goto operating systems, I have Tux the penguin tattooed over my right caput mediale to help other Linux enthusiasts spot me in a crowd. I’m a piano player by birth, and am one of the lucky humans who is able to play any instrument at an intermediate level within hours of picking it up. I do everything possible to integrate myself and the world around me with technology. This is built into me, it’s a need just as I need water. I know that many of you can relate to that. I firmly believe that biological evolution has become stagnant due to medical advancements, safety practices, warning labels etc and that our next step to evolve is electronic integration.

Enough about me. My implant went very well. In the week awaiting my package I spent some time every day going over the procedure in my head as well as drawing out my metacarpal, desired location, injection site. My blinky was quite bright ~2 hours after install which I will include a picture of, but is now quite dim due to minor swelling. My girlfriend pinched/tented the skin while I injected. We went above and beyond as far as aseptic procedures, as she also took a few medical courses in college and was quite concerned about the whole procedure.

The only issue I’m having now is that ever since I installed this thing, I can hear someone talking to me and they say that soon they will have control of me???
(Just kidding :yum:)

I’m very thankful for this community and all its’ knowledge that I’ve been able to, and will continue to, absorb. As I’m sure it’s been said before, praise Amal for giving birth to us. (Is it pronounced Aymuhl or Ahmahl?)

Blink roughly 2 hours after install

Bandaged site roughly 10 minutes after install

Current picture showing marked xSIID location, injection site on right. The wound to the left of my xSIID is a prior burn from my air fryer, unrelated lol


Lasers! Love the username. Welcome to the community! Nice move going with blink right away.



Welcome! Congrats on the successful install, and I hope your healing goes well.

I don’t mean to answer for him (esp since he’s right above me), but Amal has said in a past video that technically it’d be like Aymuhl, but he’s fine with either pronunciation (I believe, correct me if wrong).

TEDx talk where he says it like aymuhl, recommended to watch if you haven’t yet :wink:

Yep, that tends to be the way it goes. It should reach full brightness again in the coming week or two, and it looks great in the photo you took. Definitely need to get me a green one at one point (have a blue xSIID atm).

You’ll definitely feel pretty at home here. Lots of linux users, and using linux will make a lot of things so much easier. If you ever buy a proxmark, the best RFID hacking tool, it means it’ll take 5 minutes to get going, vs. a few hours potentially if you were using Windows :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Welcome! :smiley:

Isn’t his name Tux?

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Yeah basically it’s a strange spelling of the Dutch name Emil so Aymuhl is how my parents said it to me… but Amal is an Arabic woman’s name like Amal Clooney which is Amahl, so don’t fault anyone for saying it that way.


You’re correct, and this isn’t the first time I’ve mixed him up with Linus Torvalds :sweat_smile:


I seem to be struggling with quoting the comment to which I’m replying, is there a secret trick?

You should just be able to select some of the text, and a little quote button should appear (above the text) which automatically puts it into your reply.

Oh I see, thank you. I’m on various forums for my hobbies but this front end is new to me

Thank you! I started building lasers in middle school and an old friend said, “You’re like a blacksmith for lasers, a lasersmith.” I’ve held down the name ever since


I went straight for the xSIID/xEM kit which included the diagnostic tools, Proxmark etc. The xEM will have a home in me once the xSIID is healed :grin:

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If you have an implant, a Proxmark and you’re a Linux enthusiast, you may be interested in this:


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Wow! Implants sounds amazing (i’m alo new at the forum)


Welcome :slight_smile:

Consider starting a new thread, introduce yourself, tell us what you would like to accomplish and we can try to steer you in a direction

There’s a lot to take in at first, so don’t be afraid to ask questions… I still pester the forum :innocent:

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