New doors, time for new locks, and new questions

Lucky enough to have finally found a house…
(Pending transaction, inspection phase currently)
(American style doors fwiw)
Time for some new locks, but I’m running into some challenges… when in doubt pick the brain of smarter cyborgs

Lost of questions and rambling so bear with me :sweat_smile:

It seemed that people had success with the yamiry and luxre lock that was on Amazon, but it appears to no longer be available

Poking around Amazon
(I know I know, but nature of the beast they tend to have access to more niche options, and prime and returns will make trial and error easier)

I found this lock,

which appears to work with IC cards, which I technically have no experience with, but they appear by context and other times I’ve seen it to be a 14443a equivalent… it also lists “tt lock” which I know @Pilgrimsmaster has referenced a few Times

I’ve placed an order to see if it can recognize an implant… there is a review that says it won’t read someone’s implants… but I don’t know if they are a forum member, so I’m taking it with a grain of salt… maybe user error

Fingers crossed, if not there are a couple other options to try

But this brings up some other questions about rfid locks, setups, and realistic benefits

Doors will have the standard American double setup, a doorknob and a dead bolt,

This brings up the question, do those of you with a double lock setup… sacrifice or remove one of the locks? Or double your rfid? Or just leave the other unlocked? (But that seems like a good recipe for accidental lock out)

Another question, how many locks are you guys setting up? Every door? Only your main entry point?
Are you having your other locks with physical keys rekeyed? My wife seems to want nothing to do with rfid or even digital codes and will remain using a key no matter what… so I’ll likely need to have a locksmith fiddle with lock cores to get everything to match (I haven’t found a clear answer if most of the smart locks are capable of having their biting changed… but I can’t see why they wouldn’t

The last question, in all this digging and looking at locks…simple digital keypad locks have come a long way and are now plentiful and cheap
Such as

No IOT integration, just digital keypad, and auto relock timing

Why are we paying 2-3x as much, and all the effort for an end goal that’s essentially the same? Not carrying keys, and probably similar unlock times
(Punching in code vs waking up and presenting implant to sweet spot)

Are we actually seeking security or practical aspects or just because it’s cooler and more fun (there is no arguing that… it is cooler)

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I use a rfid reader to open my garage roller door as the main entrance to the house. There is a keypad IC card lock on the interior door to the house. Both will read a MF card. My wife also is against getting an implant. She and the teenage kids have adapted very quickly to the keypad. It is handy as you cannot get locked out. I also have a small MF fob on my wife’s key ring which she can use instead of a code. Maybe your wife would use that as it is effectively identical to using a key (easier in fact as you don’t need to line up the keyhole in the dark).

I have a deadbolt keypad on the front door. I am looking to replace it with something combining rfid and keypad.

I also have a gate which goes into the court yard to access my front door. That has a keypad MF lock, which uses the same fob as the internal door.

Unfortunately I can’t get my implants to work on the door lock readers though. I have a next and a xM1. The locks just don’t seem to put out a strong enough field.

Hope this helps you some. The keypad is really excellent as you can also assign temporary codes for guests (i use their phone numbers) and you don’t have to worry about lost keys or someone forgetting to return them, etc.

Which lock are you currently using?

Once I got a house I knew I’d stay in for a bit I did unifi access and it’s worked great so far. It’s way more involved to set-up and spendy, but I feel like it’s worth it for no more battery swaps and you can use keys like normal. I have it on ever door to outside. My back door is set-up to fail open so if the power goes out, and my battery backup dies, I don’t get locked out.

Next week I will install new doors aswell.

setup will be 3-point lock door from Secury - GU automatic.
see product video here: Secury Automatic und A-Öffner Servo - YouTube (video says more than any text :smiley: )

Attached to that is a motorset. which require 12V, and to open the door you have to pull up 1 pin to that 12V.
So i will have my own reader(ID-3, but any reader like pn532, … works) and an arduino to open the door, and will be mounted invisible in the wall :slight_smile: which is way cooler than punching in a code :wink: sesame open!

you can still put in a cylinder and key, no need for deadbolt since the locks act as deadbolts allready. (and otherwise you can’t open the door with the motor).

only installing it at the main entry door and the main back door.
i have a batch of cheap chinese fobs that i can handout to friends (at the moment all is hardcoded software on the arduino, future plan is esp32 with homeassistant to have easy control on who is allowed etc)

I’m pretty sure that all the locks that use that thing are made by the same company but the range of the readers is likely to vary between models.

I’ve looked at the Ultraloq Combo set but right now I’m missing the “own house” part. I wonder if the switchbot keypad is capable of reading a glassie?


Is there an ultraloq that accepts rfid?

There’s one on the matrix IIRC. And they sell a combo set with that model and a deadbolt.

I also found a deadbolt that claims to accept 125 instead of 13.56… spotty reviews, but a lot of Amazon customers are dumb so take it with a grain of salt


Well the Sifely came in today, and so far I can’t seem to get a grasp on its sweet spot

It struggles with its own fobs, the diagnostic card has the smallest flicker I’ve ever seen, but if you get the full size card in the exact right spot, it lights up super strong…. But I can’t get anything with a field detector

Anyone with questions about it, lemme know what to record about it before I sent it back

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Starting to consider the townsteel 5000 @Zwack recommends and uses…

But 300$ is a lot, considering a simple numpad can cost 50$

I thought there were more actual options
Getting close to giving up…