New formfactor for NorthSense like modules

Hi everyone, I was introduced to biohacking 5 years ago thanks to a friend who bought the northsense. In a few weeks I’ll finally have my first implants, but that’s not the point.
While waiting for my order with the custom implant to be ready, I thought of an idea based on the problem encountered by northsense users. What happened to my friend (and presumably to a lot of people) was that his piercings became infected after a year’s use, despite the care taken. What’s more, there are other problems with the northsense that come from its formfactor: once removed, the piercings remain visible, it’s “complicated” to remove and put on when charging, or even when wearing the belt in the car, etc.
Why couldn’t we use several Titans (3 or 4) so that we could attach modules in a much simpler way? If Titans are well positioned and don’t move, you could even switch between modules depending on your mood, with a more or less universal format. And there’s no problem of infection during use if the installation has gone well.


There’s a thread here somewhere about not keeping things attached to the magnet can it can cause death of the skin because it limits bloodflow in that area.


Yes indeedy

if you search for


Sounds like an evil spell from AD&D


I’m working on a solution to that problem (although an implanted version with wireless charging would be just as valid)

I had this magnet implanted in my arm. It has two crescent shaped magnets inside that are opposite polarity. With a careful mounting plate setup I can adjust the padding, thickness, and magnet strengths to dial in an ideal pull strength that will keep the electronics on my body, but distribute the force enough not to cause tissue necrosis (taking it off at night).


Is that a piece from an actual cochlear implant setup?

I’m assuming you didn’t attach directly to bone like a real deal cochlear is done…

I have so many questions…



It’s true that it seems logical.
But if you put a thin layer of foam between the skin and the (external) magnet, wouldn’t that prevent blood flow from being blocked?

In my opinion we should give it a try. Who here wants to be used as a potentially necrosed guinea pig :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s medical surplus. I didn’t attach it to bone because that’s a lot of work and I didn’t think it was necessary. I want to test this out for viability and if I get too fancy other people won’t be able to replicate it. I actually cut the bone mount section off since it was protruding.

Part of the problem is that the blood vessels are being crushed from the inside as well as the outside. The padding would help, but with such a small magnet the pressure will still be concentrated in such a small area that you’ll encounter issues. It’s a delicate balance between how much strength you want, and how long you want to be able to wear the device before you start damaging tissue. You could always do thicker and thicker padding until it’s fine, but it will likely fall off. That’s why I wanted to start with as large a magnet area as possible, and make sure the exterior mounting plate has padding and it’s even larger.

Also good luck getting 3-4 Titans

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I always thought a dome shape over the magnet would do the trick, so that there’s no magnet to magnet contact. Just some pulling on the implant and a ring of pressure around it.

I never took the time to test it though :man_shrugging:


The problem here is force. The amount of force you need from the magnet to effectively stick the device to your skin is the same amount of force that will restrict blood flow. If you put a bunch of stuff between the magnet and the device, there won’t be enough to hold the device to the magnet / skin. You can’t have something that is unequivocally stuck to your body without the required force to keep it there.

You’d be better off using dermal glue and reapplying that every 7 to 14 days.



I’m so in for technology modules… even if it means glue

Just a quick google example of something

I could totally see making an arm form and in theory glueing it to your arm as a base… and building stuff onto the forms


At this point why not put straps on it?


Getting some strong PowerGlove vibes…


I mean that was kinda the vibe I was going for lol


I cant even find one…


I know where some are hidden, but I nearly injured myself trying to get into the storage unit.

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I have an extra plasma cutter, its on its way to you tomorrow.


Where was your commitment?


I got a phone strap holder to do exactly that …
i have this exact keyboard and one with a large touch pads, its awesome for large presentations :+1:

I have that one also, use to use it when I was production… far easier than using (shitty) touchscreen using on screen keyboard