New here, a few questions

Hi all,

I’m new to biohacking, and thought I’d run a few things by more knowledgeable folks. I will mention that I have a decent amount of experience with electronics, although not rfid in particular.

So, first question: with my first implant I’d like to maximize compatibility, especially with my android phone. I ordered the bullseye stickers to test, am I on the right track thinking xNT is probably my best bet? I did unfortunately confirm that my work uses LF, so I’ll have to get xEM at some point, but I’m not sure I want to start there especially since my only read/writer currently is my phone.

Second, how bad an idea is it to do this at home? My partner is willing to help, and she has experience working in sterile environments, but neither of us have performed body modification. Neither do we know any professionals, but we can look around. We’re in CT if anyone has recommendations.

Thanks in advance, and any other advice for new people is welcome!

Yes, the xNT is what you want if you want to interact with your phone via NFC.

We do not advocate the DIY approach, opting instead for our partner network, and failing that, approaching a professional. That said, people have done DIY installs… some get infections, most don’t. Some install too deep and need to have it removed, most don’t. What does your partner do in those sterile environments?

The closest partner in the network is in NYC, which I might be able to do. My schedule is tough. Otherwise I’ll look around for a professional. Thank you for the advice. My partner is in materials science, she works in a university lab, so not quite the same work.

Glad to help. As I said, others have done it DIY, but a professional is usually well worth the effort to locate.