New here: need help

I live in Pennsylvania

OK so walletmor is a option but will have an expiry date and is a flex not x series.

Need to get an idea of what card or fob you use for work to advise on that.

Take a look at the review section / the compatability matrix for lock suggestions.

Well, a gods starter will be the Next implant. It has both lf and hf. I use it with my door and a lock which works with it. Therefore we have a Google sheet in the forum where you can look at for a lock.

In the perfect situation you can clone your key fob as well. Depending on the fob. If it’s lf, hf, hid, and which chip you need mifare, mifare classic, mifare ultralight etc.
With payment is really not easy. There is the walletmor available or the convert service For the us there is the purewrist if I remember correctly.

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Go see JR (Johnross) at Mean Street Tattoos! He just installed my NExT last month, and I plan on seeing him again in a couple weeks to install a xSLX (and maybe an xM1, not sure if I’ll make that purchase yet). Very Cool Guy, Highly Recommend. I drove 3 hours to see him. He currently works weekends so keep that in mind when you decide to get your implant.

I suggest, make a list of use cases (what you want to do with the implant), research different equipment/tools, and prioritize what you want. You can always get more. :smiley:

For me NExT was an easy choice… two-in-one, I currently use the one side for my work badge, and the other side with the KBR1 to log into my work computer.

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Thank you so much I actually was able to speak to him we have been emailing back-and-forth and I already ordered my NeXT chip. :grin::grin: could you email me and we could talk more about the use cases I’m very new and very intrigued.

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My work badge is HID.

The US Walletmor is a Purewrist conversion.

Payment is not really an option otherwise.

The LF side of the NeXT can probably clone your HID card (unless it is something strange) you will also need a proxmark3 easy to actually read and copy low frequency chips. (Ok there are other ways but trust me you will want a pm3)

You can also use the pm3 for NFC, but if that is all you are interested in your phone probably works.


I’m going to be getting a proxmark3 in a couple of weeks probably right before or after I get the chip installed. I have an iPhone 13 pro max my phone will not pick up on my HID work ID.

That is actually good news as it means that your work ID is almost definitely LF only.

The T5577 chip used for the LF side of the NeXT is capable of cloning an HID chip.

As for your other use cases, Payment is complicated. Car access depends on what you want to do (and if it is a Tesla you want to look at the Vivokey Apex NAK applet) and doors are fairly straightforward.

it could be iClass :slight_smile:

Could also be mifare classic, and the phone isn’t compatible… say iPhone

Not particularly likely in his instance

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I’m hoping I’m able to clone it. Do you guys know how long it takes when using USPS first class mail for a package to arrive?

I ordered Jan 8th, and package is supposed to arrive tomorrow.

You definitely will be able to clone your work badge. I have the same exact one. Took me about 30 seconds to clone it. Kinda freaky tbh.

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I was aware that there are some other options, which is why I said almost… I still maintain that this is most likely to be a basic LF HID card.

Where did you find that picture of me!?


This was definitely me!!