New implant feelings

Hi all,

I have my Next implant in this hand for one week now. The chip seems closes to the thumb Bone and nerv and index vein. It isn’t painful but i feel tingling in thumb sometime and i feel really cold in it too. Is it normal and does it have any risk of something ? Thank you !

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it means youre dying!

no seriously its normal to get them weird feelings homie dont worry

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Jesus like God dam. You realise that’s there first post right :grimacing:

Any way that position aint the worst aint the best but hey ho. Pretty sure everyone gets some sort of tingle etc every now and again but I definitely think there’s a psychosomatic element to it.

Any way welcome to the party!


Looks like a good install and heal from the picture.

Strange sensations are not unusual as your body adapts to its new addition.

Relax, enjoy, and welcome the club.

I had some weird sensations for a few weeks near my index metacarpal, like a dull nerve ache. It eventually subsided after a few weeks, but keep an eye on it. If there was some minor nerve damage it could just take a while to repair, or if the implant is pressing against the nerve it may also just take some adjusting and time to heal/settle.

I would just monitor the symptoms but if they persist for several months or become worse you may need to take action.

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I would wait some months for it to heal and Settle.

If it still feels strange I would think again of options what to do.

Its propably fine.

Keep us updated :wink:

Thought I’d chime in too, my NExT which is in the same spot as yours had a similar thing after install.

No issues with feeling cold, but I did get some very slight tingling, and it got a bit itchy from time to time.

It subsided within a week or two (maybe 3 at the latest, memory is foggy).

I wouldn’t worry, something has been injected into your hand. It needs time to “cope” :blush:

Just lay back, and enjoy the rest of your healing time.

Although that is not directly related to the physical install, That is Amal remotely fine tuning the mind control functionality…


Just got my first two myself about a month ago.

Yes, about the first week it still hurts. Pushing it or even just making a fist with the hand sometimes you feel a sharp pain. Tingles and stuff just means your body is healing and covering the implant with tissue inside as any “foreign” body inside your skin. Give it 2-3 more weeks and you will be more comfortable with it.

The sudden pain does go away. Just remember not to play with it much (like pushing it or “feeling it”) so it can get in position right. If you move it a lot it might even migrate a bit. (Or a lot depending on your body type) let it heal.


Just adding to this thread, noticed dull pain on my NExT in cold (below 0°C) weather today. I don’t wear coats as much I should, and I have Reynaud’s syndrome, probably just tissue contracting in the cold. Not concerned just wanted to share :slight_smile:

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In cold weather I’ve had the regular experience where glass implants got noticably colder than the rest of the hand. I’m not sure exactly how that works though. My guess is that they are so superficial that they can be considered as an active little heat sink on the surface of the body so the blood has to dump much more heat into that area to keep up.
What you feel is the difference in thermal properties between glass and flesh.
(I’m talking about fully healed ones here)

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I’ve noticed that as well and thought maybe it’s just my mind. Well it’s definitely more noticeable with the flex type of implants