New implant in Italy (Milan), advice?

Hi everyone,
I finally installed my first rig in my left hand:
NEXT, which I have already programmed for the RFID part with a pound sign (see VIDEO):
and in the NFC part with home assistant companion to open 2 doors of another house with a scene.

Do you have any other tips on how to make the most of my chip?

in the coming days I will also install an xSIID NFC + blue LED Implant in my right hand.
tips etc to make the most of everything ?

Thank you

You can add shortcuts on there to do something on your phone when you scan it.
Mine opens google wallet so I don’t have to look at the screen when I’m busy paying for groceries.

A link to something funny is always a good party trick.

And a business card is also handy.

also tasker is a great option for custom actions


One of my implants opens our garage door when scanned by my phone. I have this set up via Home Assistant, so I have to be within range of my home network. Using this, I can open my garage faster than my wife who has to pull out her phone, open the garage app, wait for it to load and press a button. lol

You could build a reader dedicated to your garage door. You can also control smart home lighting and electronics.

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I already have this :slight_smile:
i with a scan open gate and glass door of my apartment :slight_smile:

one thing i don’t understand. if i program with home assistant, the NFC chip, it can’t do anything else, because if i try to program it with NFC tool it takes away the home assistant function.
is there a smarter way to exploit it and make it do more functions ?


Yeah, unfortunately you may lose other functionality.

What I do is use my Proxmark to copy or dump the Home Assistant records to a file. Then I add other additional records to that file and write it all back to my tag. So it will have the Home Assistant stuff as well as my new stuff.

I think that only the first NDEF record on the implant will trigger automatically with a phone. So that would be the record that Home Assistant creates. My doors are controlled by the UID of the implant. Other people may have some other tricks regarding NDEF records.

You can also store small amounts of encrypted data on the xSIID. For example, you can use the OpenKeychain phone app or another PGP/GPG program to encrypt data with a password. Then take the encrypted string and copy it to the implant. If you need to decrypt the data, you can read it with NFC tools, paste it into OpenKeychain and decrypt it.

Of course this isn’t as nice as having a Desfire EV2 implant which has enough space to store PGP/GPG key encrypted data.