New implant want to add Work and home access

Just got my very first implant and beeing a newbie on this I am currently trying to figure out if I can get work and/or home access.
I have access to edit/add/remove users at work but I am unable to get a read on the implant with the reader.

Specs on chips based on location:

Bio implant (in Hand):
Tag type ISO 14443 - 3A
NXP MIFARE Ultralight(Ultralight C) -
Tech available:
NfcA, MifareUltralight, Ndef

Home locking system: Card
Tag type ISO 14443 - 3A
NXP MIFARE Classic 1k
Tech available:

Work Card (KABA locking system)
Tag type ISO 14443 - 4
Tech available:
IsoDep, NfcA, NdefFormatable

Any help, pointers to how to make this happen is greatly appriciated.

You’ll probably need an xM1+ implant for home (maybe) and a flexDF implant for work but it will need to be configured with a secure auth app by your system vendor.

The home system very likely does not care about the actual Mifare “classic” chip’s features or functions beyond just the UID serial number… so it might be possible to simply add/scan your implant to add it to that system. If it does utilize some form of the “classic” memory schema or feature set, then you will need to get the xM1+

Where can i find more info about the different kinds of implants and where can i get them?

Well, there is some information on our FAQ about the different kinds of implants (needs updating)… and you can get them at