New Install Not Working

Hello support forum,
I was recently installed with the Vivokey Spark 2. I tried testing with the installer’s devices and mine at home. Unfortunately nothing worked. Each device was a Samsung. Anyone else have an issue with that model? I’m on amazon and I found Umidigi X for ~250’ish…I’m not sure if I happened to be unlucky and got a d.o.a. chip or if each samsung device was just glitchy. Neither samsung device could read the testers. On the field test card my current device lit up HF and nothing flickered on LF.
I’m thinking this must be vendor related (Samsung).

Thoughts? Tips? Suggestions?

Which devices were you using?

The installer’s Samsung and tablet - I don’t know the model.
I’ll post my wife’s Samsung model when she gets off work :stuck_out_tongue: it’s an A9 I think… maybe A8… (I don’t know the product line that well. … my pixel is lost in the airport ether between here and southeast asia -> hence the Umidigi X purchase… my only phone is an iphone right now)

It might not have NFC or it wasn’t enabled.

well maybe at the installer’s… i don’t play with other ppl’s devices. However I can guarantee that my wife’s Samsung had NFC enabled. I triple checked and OCD on the settings menu until she took her phone back noting that staring at a screen won’t solve the problem. Wise woman… lol!

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According to amazon the tester phone shows up tomorrow. … not sure what else to do but try a different name brand… any USB based NFC reader you’d recommend ?

Have you tried scanning with Vivokey App?
Sorry if that’s sucking eggs :egg: :egg:

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Yes that’s exactly what I was doing. Even deleted the app, rebooted the phone and tried again to make sure.
I bought this thing from Amazon to rule out the vendor,

…I just realized as I was typing this that my wife’s phone might have been in a case. I wasn’t paying attention to that. I was fixed on the settings menu :stuck_out_tongue:

How recently was it installed?

Also watch this.

No surprises, You wont get a LF Led, as that is the 125kHz freq.
NFC is your HF 13.56MHz.
I guess your are talking about your RFID Diagnostic Card

Do you have an X Field Detector ( 13.56 )

This is really useful for finding the optimal position and orientation of your phones antenna?
This can vary widely from phone to phone but generally a square or rectangular shape.
See of you can find an image online of your / wifes phone NFC antenna position.

If you dont have a x Field detector, you can still use your diagnostic card, as the phone will pulse the signal strength will change ( My phone pulses all along the perimeter 5 x weak 1 x Strong ) use your diagnostic card to find the strongest ( Brightest ) area and remember to move slowly. When you can visualize the antenna location, place you device against your antenna in opposing orientation ( – | ) to find the optimal location for a good read.

Indeed the case may be the problem especially if is, quite thick, made of metal or a combination of both like mine with a Mophie battery pack case.

Again, sorry if you have already tried these things

Looks Like @turbo2ltr beat me to it, also his video is better than my ramblings

Works with the new purchase. It must have been a combination of device (Samsung) and case.


Great news