New kind of implants development

I am designing new type of medical stuff for people with damaged parts of the body.

  1. I do not trust and I don’t play shitty games. I had suffered. I showed my respect and truthfully admitted my error. Anyone who want to waste my potential, or make what I think could be made, can still do what they wanted. Everyone is losing in this case.
  2. in remote location of my choosing
  3. for any major buys will show bill or just ask for something
  4. for some or full dark, will need paper and help
  5. this is deal offer for no wasting potential or harming
  6. I am scientist, but can learn for doctor later and do side jobs
  7. pretty cheap
  8. If we work without troubles some trust possible
  9. because I go dark all work materials and patents are yours.

If anyone interested, can add his own ideas, but please I have very limited amount of time. White side never was for me, I felt cheated on it. Dark side is my side, being somewhat hidden is a plus.

I like to help people, but as person in society I fail at every level, take care of my small needs and I will do whatever to make proper results. If you accept I will try to STOP all my actions that already in process. And some flash drives survived my stupidity.

I didn’t wanted to, lose in life and though that I did great ending. I failure at communications, but research some people find good.


What is ur goal? What are you talking about?

are you offering services? im confused.

Maybe first say hello and introduce ur self.

You are right, I am bad at communications. You can call me Pedro, or however you want. I don’t care about name.
So, yeah I offering services for R&D of medicinal devices and maybe some software for them. I am a failed person in life, so I need a cover up, so I only can work for serious protectors or their good friends. I don’t mind videos of me in bad situations, just don’t want to be in such situations intentionally. All my work over computer could be monitored from software part and also all computer workspace could have set of cameras.


You can believe me that it probably will be better than situation where I am about 1.5 months. Because while I had made mistakes, some powerful guys decided that bulling is great way to show road. I like there is forest, but you have very big and powerful tractor and no matter if forest will die, no matter how it will suffer, you still want to make road in some certain way.
I had biggest question when it was somewhat answered I got reaction for my improper form of reaction, not that reason was the question.
But now my software shows signs that question actually answered now, and at that time answer was false. It even more horrible that all what happened before.


What kind of medical device do you want to make?

Hi Pedro,
Welcome to the forum.
We do indeed discuss implants here, So we have an interest in what you are saying, however what you are saying is all over the place, with very little in the way of a cohesive sentence, explaination or substance.
Feel free to use your native language if it is not English. The forum has a translate plugin.

I just moved 2 of your other posts to another thread, and they read like you were having an episode.
Do you have a history of mental ilness?