New Lido Cream in Australia

Hi all,

Just a note for Australians looking for pain management products - Brisbane Compouding Pharmacy makes a specialty double strength (10% total volume vs Emla’s 5%) plasticised lidocaine-tetracaine compound for a very agreeable price - the pharmacist mentioned it may not need occlusive bandaging either. You can give them a ring (Google is your friend) and they’ll ship it out Australia-wide as well.


An update.

I tested this last night to implant an xG3 (thanks @amal!) in my left wrist. I also tested the cream for one hour on my left hand knife-edge. This wasn’t sufficient. I followed Amal’s advice and re-tested with “gauze” (paper towel :laughing: - didn’t have actual gauze and it didn’t really need to be sterile) and cling wrap. Photo below.

Leaving this for three hours produced sufficient numbness for me to perform my own insertion (this is something I’ve not been able to do in past due to self-preservation instinct I guess). It was just as numb three hours after removal as well - this is something I believe to be significantly better than the typical numbing creams used (I’m told these last about half an hour after removal?). Not sure if it’s the tetracaine or the higher dosage causing better saturation - but it works great.


was there a specific product name? Else, how did you approach your pharmacist?

It isn’t a commercial product - it’s made by a compounding pharmacy in Brisbane. He’s able to ship it to you, however.

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Ah cool, is there a specific contact? or just whats on the website?

Probably just the website, Shaz is the pharmacist/owner I believe and he will be able to assist you. You’ll need to do a consult over the phone I’d say for it just to tick the boxes.

Thanks, I’ll shoot out an email and see if he’ll have a chat over the phone.

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Hey @fraggersparks!

I’m just about to touch base and order some - for the phone consult did you say what you were using it for?

Got a monster of a flex install (flexNExT) coming up and think it’ll need some serious topical assistance!

FYI we have gel coming in to the DT store next week :slight_smile:

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First thing I told him in PM, then I realised he’s in Melbourne.


Do you think he would sell to a minor? I think I will be attempting a self install with a friend for assistance, this cream would be useful as directed by others on the forum.

No idea but dosing of anesthetic for a minor expecially need to go careful of dose even with topical.

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from one minor to another, be very careful that stuff hits harder for us as physically less formed humans. try ice in a plastic bag and see how numb you can get with that, if that works take that road or do lido gel and make sure it is very carefully dosed

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what is an appropriate dose? i’m (kinda) overweight at roughly 67 kilos since last year. considering that it hits hard, I think 5% is a good compromise (i dont’t wanna be risking invection or anything with ice or ice bags, water condenses on them, and air has germs so… i would rather be too carefull than not enough.

67kg God thats funny, I lost 1/6th your weight this year. Your fine kid im 185kg.

Ice would work fine you should try that rather than lido, hold the ice on the area till numb then clean with clorahex wipes (included in kit) then go for it.


^^^^^^^ heavily recommend this.

im a HUGE pussy when it comes to pain and i did all 4 of mine with ice

This is a question you’d need to discuss with him over the phone. He can do a consult for it (and really actually has to for providing compounded medicines).


Thanks or advice, will consider as well

Can we not get 10% gel shipped in, even if its actually 6%?