New medical implant? Walletmed

What is this? Never heard of it…
Can’t find much info online other than Wojtek Paprota has something to do with it…


I can’t tell if this is a realistic thing. What’s an energy buffer? A capacitor inside the coil?
How much energy do all these sensors need ?

If this is not a troll or scam then it’s a serious competitor to beUno. And competition brings innovation so… Good?


Also, what’s the feasibility of turning the tip of a glassie into a lens?
They would have to be custom-made and it looks like there are sensors on both ends so how do you seal the capsule cleanly enough to create the second lens?

How useful is a temperature sensor in the hand?

Yes it’s being worked on by Wojtek. I’m basically periodically consulting but not involved.


Wow, so this could actually be a product in the future - that’s awesome.

Yeah i spotted it this morning.
An irish company :grinning:|:ireland:
This is will be one to keep an eye on.

I’m curiosity is peaked…

As long as they don’t go full emotionless corp like beuno I’m interested

It doesn’t even look like a “thing” yet, just a shiny edited video and concept.

Interested, yes
Excited…far too early

I would be more interested in seeing the P.O.C bench tested to confirm they are getting actual and accurate results of what is being claimed/suggested in an animated miniaturised version.

I hope it comes to fruition, it could become a game changer for many people but I think the chance of full emotionless money grabbing greedy corp could be quite likely. ( I really hope I am wrong )

At the moment, I would personally describe it as vapourware


The video feels somewhere between emotionless corp and those Kickstarter “revolutionary” gadgets, that’s why I initially thought it was another scammy project but now that I know Amal is at least partially involved… Who knows?

There’s a lot of technical hurdles they need to overcome, but I think it’s possible. Biggest issues are going to be form factor of the available components to fit in glass and the power budget. An interferometer could do the job, but it’s likely a laser diode which is more power hungry and larger than a conventional LED. The end of the glass being used as a lense is also a big issue. They’ll have to use the presealed end, and even then consistency will be a huge issue. They may need to integrate an actual lense made of optical glass into the construction, and the glass-glass interface may introduce biofouling issues.

This is definitely just a marketing video to get investors. It is very well done though


It seems like they do in the video and that was my main concern honestly. For this, the power and the size of the components I feel like this would be at least the size of an xG3

Honestly with a small cylindrical antenna that’s 2mm diameter you’d be lucky to get 30mA at 3.1V. I think they’re going to need to size up to 4mm glass.

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I feel like this is going to become a chest implant rather than a hand one like it’s advertised in the video. First for the size and second to give some relevance to the thermal sensor. It just seems more reasonable for this design.

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If the “Wallet” portion of “Walletmed” is anything to go by, I am so here for the inevitable videos of people chest-bumping payment terminals.

As far as I know this one has nothing to do with payment. It’s just a couple sensors

I think this is the goal. A very difficult goal.


Sounds more like, helping a mate out when asked a question, personally I wouldn’t bundle Amal into this project.
They may both be Aligned in the same realm, but 100% different entities.

Put it this way,

  • Have many people jumped onboard and grabbed themself a Walletmor? Yep, they certainly have.
  • Was Walletmor a great and achieveable project. Absolutely
  • Was it achieved? Not in my opinion, not to where it should have been. (Tokinisation or at the very least extended Expiry and reliability)
  • Do I think it was a success? Financially and as a business, Yes, but as a functioning and reliable product No; not looking at the feedback, threads and posts, at least in this forum (whos opinions I trust)
  • Do I think Wojtek should be focusing on The Walletmor to refine it into a Product that it should be and has promised to be for the customer, not just to make money and move onto “the next big thing” , just a rinse and repeat. 100%

If I was a Walletmor owner and saw this Walletmed concept, I would at the very least be asking questions, and would not even consider supporting it until I saw a final product, all the inevitable bugs were ironed out, and an ACTUAL product was available.

As I alluded to above, and Satur9 explained with far more detail, there are many tech hurdles to overcome, and this is likely a long way off, IF it even eventuates.

Funding doesnt guarantee success

This may become an actual product, but will it do as “promised” and with the required accuracy?
I can only go off the track record of :man_shrugging: Wallet-Co. Inc.
I would say No.

First to the market doesnt necessarily mean the best product.
Financially, yeah; could that financial success be reinvested into refining and making the Version 2.0? Yep.
Will it? I really dont think so…

I dont have any insider information, but if I was a betting man, my guess is something like the WalletMed ( but better ) will be on Amals / Vivokeys Roadmap, but I don’t think he/they will move onto the next product until the APEX is perfect


All interesting points.

A reliable product is top priority in sectors that are not well understood by the public. You will more than likely allow your technical experience affect your choices as you will have confidence in being able to troubleshoot issues or know how to seek support. For the majority this will not be an option so they need to have confidence in the product. This also includes being fit for purpose and reliable, rather than being seen as a fad or a trend. It also needs to be seen as a solution to a problem to encourage uptake and marketability.

If your product is not reliable you will quickly lose the aupport and confidence of investors and potential market capital.

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Hey everyone,

let’s put some light on it and make things clear.

First and foremost, yes, I am working on that project with Amal being an advisor. The reason why Amal is not a part of the core team is that I am starting from the very beginning and Amal needs to keep his eyes on multiple other projects which are at the more advanced stage. However, I want to say it publicly here that he is always welcomed onboard as we are still working together on Walletmor.

Now let’s move two those comments from @Pilgrimsmaster as it is a perfect starting point:

So, why Walletmed is called Walletmed? Because we want to find a way around to build and deliver the actual payment implant that we wanted to deliver since day one. It is not a “side” project, or “the next big thing”. It is a rational strategy to move the immovable wall (Visa and Mastercard).

I have been working with @amal for 3 years now I must say that he has but enormous effort into this project and together we tried pretty much everything to build a glass-encapsulated payment implant to the market with an official Visa’s or Mastercard’s certification. Sadly, without this door open it is not possible to do it.

Since all the conventional attempts to convert those two failed, we had to find an alternative. Actually, their skepticism is mostly related to the brand exposure risk and being associate with the spying projects (standard obstacle here). So the fact is that people and societies are skeptical about the devices that augment our bodies beyond the standard sets of skills or capabilities, but they are not with the ones which improve something broken. Look, nobody raises a single question about the pacemakers or hearing implants even though the are much bigger and more serious than NFC implants.

Same with gene therapy. Everyone is willing to try the gene therapy which may cure one from cancer, but there seems to be little to no public acceptance when it comes to gene modification when it comes to choosing child’s gender, hair or eyes color, not to mention the CRISPR.

That made us to take this way around and build an implant for glucose monitoring, which will eventually feature the EMV-certified chip, which could be later on programmed as a tokenizable payment instrument. The only option to convert Visa and Mastercard is to lead to the point where:

  1. Thousands of people already have the implant injected
  2. There is homogenous social acceptance of that solution
  3. No side effects have been spotted

I am sorry @Pilgrimsmaster but there is no chance to focus only on Walletmor and “improving the current product” with the current tools that we have and hope for a random Visa’s or Mastercard’s policy change. It is like knocking the wall with the head. In 1 year or 5 years the wall will still be there and the head will hurt. A lot. With such a block we cannot count on VCs money because the risk is simply too big and we are fully depended on the third parties.

So yes, Walletmed implants will have a payment option but we are not talking about this just yet. First thing first.

I am sending monthly summaries on everything that happened in the company and everyone who is interested to be kept in the loop is more than welcome to drop me an email at with a requested to be added to the list.


Brilliant post, as usual, @Pilgrimsmaster !!

And can’t stress enough how much I agree with this:

I won’t repeat myself in the Wojtek topic, though… :sweat_smile:

But agree with all the points you raised.

And just some extra cents:

Not only that, but experience tends to prove the opposite being true even more often:
Companies that become synonyms with a service are often closest to ‘last to the market’. (Google much?)

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