New NExT Implant - No Read/Write

Hi there, I’ve done some preliminary searching but haven’t located any recent posts- apologies in advance.

I installed my NExT implant yesterday and am having some trouble writing either NFC or RFID to it. I successfully cloned an HID fob using a Proxmark3 Easy last week to test things out and am trying the same process to my implant w/ no luck. Likewise when attempting to write NFC to it using the NXP Tagwriter or NFC Tools apps on my iPhone. Is this normal behavior for the first few days?

Thank you!

I got a NExT last week and was able to interact with it straight after, using my android phone. It took a while for me to get the hang of positioning etc and i used the free card reader to locate the position of the reader in my phone, which is important. What iphone do you have? I find NXP taginfo app useful, if that is available on iphone.

The usual advice is to wait a couple of weeks to let any swelling go down.

Make sure you get good reads before you try a write.

And depending on what you are reading and writing with you might need to learn the best position.

I’m using an iPhone 12 Mini. I was just able to read/write using an old Android phone I had laying around, so I think the NFC in this iPhone model must be pretty weak. Still took some time to register on the Android though, so hopefully it’s just swelling. Thanks @zwack and @viderus, appreciate the replies.

No problem, but I am sure someone like @Pilgrimsmaster will be along to point you to any advice on antenna positioning for the iphone 12 mini that is kicking around.

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So strange, just tried the same exact motion in the same position as your video and nothing.

lots of fluid running on top of it right now. leave it alone till its a scar. (1-2+ weeks) don’t try and write to it till then, it could do a bad write and then you really are in the shit

Good to know, thank you!

Also, I’ve been thinking about this… and I’m thinking that blood itself has enough iron and other elements in it that the extra distance plus whatever is in blood that causes a higher level of interference… needs further testing to be certain though.

Anyone know a good bloodletter?

i do regular blood tests (where they take big tubes of the red stuff out of you) i could drink some from the bottle and tell you if it tastes enough like pennies?

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