New NeXT Implant Not Reading


I got a new NeXT implant at Def Con this year. It’s been in for a couple of days now. I don’t have an android phone so I am unable to use the DT apps. When using multiple readers and my iPhone, I can’t get it to read the chip. My question is 1) because I haven’t written anything to the RFID part of the chip is that why nothing is being read (there’s no default information) or is it in too deep or swollen too much to read? Is there another NFC/RFID reader that I can get to write data to the chip? I heard there was a password also. Could this be part of my issue?



Maybe a mixture of one and two.

iPhones won’t read the tag without NDEF data. Maybe get a trusted friend to write data. Maybe use the dangerous things app to secure it.

  • make sure you do trust them especially at Defcon :wink:

I’m having the same issue - and I also got it installed at Defcon 27 :slight_smile:
I was able to read/write the RFID (xEM) side of my NeXT (using a proxmark3 ez clone) - however the NFC side has been totally unreadable. I think it was installed a little deeper than normal as I can’t feel it at all. However the RFID side has been working fine and honestly was the side I was most concerned about. I was planning on getting an xEM originally until the NeXT came out. I’m thinking of buying the NFC reader from the DT store if I still can’t get a single read on it tonight.

Hey guys/gals. I got a Next at DC27 as well. I am using my Android phone and NFC Tools app to read/write to the NFC side just fine. I got mine on Thursday or Friday before they sold out of them.

I have not tried the RFID side of it yet.

I hope this gives you some hope or reassurance.


@edm0nd are you able to feel yours under the skin? I really am starting to think mine is buried in my muscle NFC-side-down

The NExT comes pre-configured, so you do not need to use our app to protect the lock bytes or config pages, and there is a default URL record written that just links you to the NExT product page. Typically the reason people have a hard time reading the chip is that phones have notoriously bad NFC antennas and it requires that A) the swelling of installation goes down, which typically takes a couple days, and B) you must become versed in “finding the sweet spot” with your particular phone to get a good read.

This video shows how location and orientation really matter when trying to read a glass tag like the NExT;