New NExT - plz recommend device for cloning badges

I recently got my first implant - the NExT. I would like to clone my badge info to open doors. I have read that some devices are not good to use. Could you please recommend a good device and also any other accessories I need for cloning on the RFID chip? Thank you!

First you’ll want to identify the type of card you intend to clone. The card they are using may not be clonable or may not be clonable to the NeXT. Once you know that, then you can choose appropriate hardware.

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Hey @sbware
Take a picture of the reader or the card and post them here. We may be able to figure out what kind it is from any brands or markings. There are tons of formats that it could be.

Also, if you’re not sure whether the system is LF or HF (or both) you can use an xLED tester or diagnostic card that you may have received with your implant to test the reader. The diagnostic card is the easiest because you don’t really have to worry about orientation.