New NExT - RFID Not Detected

Hi friends!

I installed myself my NExT implant just today between my thumb and pointer finger, as suggested, and everything went amazing. I am able to read and write to the NFC (HF) side in seconds.
However, I am not able to get a read on the RFID (LF) side.

I can do lf tune and get a difference of 200-300mV (goes from 41000mV to 40800 or 40700mV at best), but even when leaving my hand still on it and switching commands to lf search, I cannot get it to detect anything.

I found my problem similar to this person, but I don’t have any ICopy-XS device to test, I only have the Proxmark3 Easy (256KB) with Iceman (v4.17140) on it.

Am I doing something wrong?


Don’t worry, it’s most likely just swelling and fluids which can take up to 2 weeks to settle. Presumably your HF reader has a tiny bit more range than the LF prox.
But I’m not too familiar with LF so I’ll leave it to the experts


Hmm okay thanks! I’ll wait a bit then :slight_smile:

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I had the same issue, it also helps to position the NeXT half in half out of the circle on the proxmark I found - hope it has started working for you!

Okay guys, problem solved! The solution was: waiting :joy:

After I removed the bandage, I was able to clearly see the position of the chip and to place it accordingly on the reader.
The LF readings seem to be really unstable, sometimes working sometimes not, but I got it programmed and I can now unlock my condo with it :sunglasses:

Thanks fellas!