New possible way to link into payment networks?


It looks like strype has an interesting API for creating custom cards. I’m still reading through the API docs but I thought would share!


That’s funny, one of my girlfriend’s good friends is a senior developer at Stripe. I’ll just sent him a text and will see if there’s any way we could get something running on something like the Vivokey. @amal Have you happened to look in to the Stripe api already to see if any potential exists? In the documentation here it provide examples of the user creation and card assignment in Java, however I’m not experienced with java enough to know what this means for running Javacard on the Vivokey itself. I have read in some other threads that the big issue is with Visa and Mastercard specicifally not allowing implants at this time, I wonder if this could be a workaround. I’ll update here when he gets back to me.


The issue is stripe has nothing to do with the millions of terminals that are out there. Their API is essentially their own terminal. So they won’t be able to do anything about getting VivoKey accepted at regular terminals. Those are all controlled by visa/mastercard.


To be clear, the regular terminals are not necessarily controlled by EMV, but the network they connect to is. It could be possible, for example, to work with every terminal provider out there and set up an out of band payment network of our own… but holy crap who has time and $ to do that? I think to make that successfully happen you’d have to buy a controlling amount of stock in each terminal company to force them to do it… so it’s just not going to happen.