New promising BCI, thoughts?

So just read this, and I want to read opinions. Personally I’m a fan of VR but controllers put me off a bit, so the idea of a Brain Computer Interface really excites my tits.

I leave the link here. What about your ideas? Thoughts? Hopes? Does it excite your tits too?



You should also check out fNIRS. It’s a technology that could be used for a non-invasive BCI

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Also looks very interesting, but what’s the applications for fNIRS? The only application I’ve seen it’s scientific, nothing I could find referred to it as a consumer electronics.

Well not yet, but as soon as some barriers are broken by researchers I’m sure it will become very popular for consumer applications because it’s non-invasive and the cost is so low. The systems like the one you linked require “sensor fusion” which is notoriously difficult to program



Definitely: Tits very excited as well!!

That is the kind of device which we could ride on for early prototypes, allowing us to achieve an implantable device! :star_struck:

Mu current question is…
What’s the quality of fNIRS?

As in… unless you build your own overly expensive gear, there isn’t much available which could reach anywhere near my minimum requirements.
Similar to consumer grade devices piggybanking on OpenBCI:

I love the concept, but can’t even begin to build any kind of PoC for an use case…