New ring not reading on doors? Debug or return?

OK, so the ring is working as it should on Proxmark and phone (albiet, you havent yet mastered the placement on your phone yet)

So far you haven’t written anything to it, you are just presenting it to the Hampton readers and getting no reactions!?

If your wrist band is the same (it may not quite be, I’ll explain shortly).
agreed with the code validity, as you haven’t written this to the ring yet.
So, my best guess here is the coupling, as seen with your phone intermittent reads; this is probably the best place to learn the sweetspot on the ring ( and phone , this may help you, WIKI - NFC phone performance ), when you have found this on your ring, you’ll wan’t to find the sweetspot on the reader And how best to present the ring eg. Swiping across the face of the reader and at what speed and angle etc.

As mentioned above, “If your wrist band is the same (it may not quite be,)”
The Magic Ring uses a gen2 MF1k Chip, MOST wrist bands etc you will find will be gen1a, This only really matter for 2 reasons ( VERY lose explaination below )

  • The process for writing
  • The process for Reading

For you and this example, the gen2 Ring is what we care about, there are SOME ( very few) readers that will check if the chip is a gen2 , and block access.

I think you need to check your wrist band that is seen but denied access to confirm if it is a gen1a or gen2; there are a couple of ways to do this, the easiest is probably using MCT

MCT with allow you to change the (N)UID on a gen2, like your ring, BUT NOT the (N)UID of a gen1a, like POSSIBLY your wrist band

I think we have narrowed down your problem to one of two things

  • Presentation / coupling issue ( What I think it is )
  • gen2 denial at reader ( unlikely, but a possibility )

I hope that helps you narrow down your issue, and gives you some fault finding solutions to try

Here is a far more thorough explaination about the different Magic MF1k chips

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