New titan implant, got a question

Just got my Titan implanted in my left ring finger, pinky side, the usual. When viewing it on magnetic film, I can see it’s able to shift between roughly the middle of the pad, and the side of the finger ( the wanted location ). I can use a small magnet I’ve bought to reposition it, but I don’t know how long it last. Should I do it ? If yes, how often / long should I do it, so that it can start growing around it and immobilizing it ?

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Generally, attaching something to the magnet will lead to problems after a relatively short period of time (to be on the safe side, I’d say about 20-30 minutes). Especially if the magnet is freshly installed, I would not recommend it at all - the implant is going to settle on a spot where it can comfortably sit, and if that’s more on the pad, it might be the better place :wink:
You can try to splinter / tape it, but to be honest, my Titan is definitely sitting more on the pad and less on the side of the finger, and it’s no problem at all :wink:

Oh, no issue at all ? Even when grabbing any kind of handle like a shovel ? How would it fare if you went rock climbing ?

Have tried rock climbing with mine before and had no issues. Then again I didn’t do anything advanced as it was first time and never tried the punch grip I think it’s called

I’m no pro either, so that’s all good with me ! Thanks for your answers. How long did it take you to start sensing with it ? I went through some store sensor gates yesterday, and was surprised to feel nothing, since I’ve heard about people feeling them for some meters away, I thought I’d get at least some sensing even at first !

I do not rock climb at all, so - no clue about that :smile:
But lifting boxes at work, using some tools in the garden and generally just living with it is no problem. It takes some time, though, and there are still moments where it feels uncomfortable depending on how I grab things. I think it’s getting less of a problem because my body does some minor adaptions to my movements and the way I use my hands :woman_shrugging:

I think it took some weeks at least, but I’m some sort of a slow healer…
But I totally forgot about those store gates! Gotta try them out next time. The first thing I sensed was the charger of my vacuum cleaner, and the one of my phone as well :wink:

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