New to biohacking and DT

First things first, I’m Cameron, 30, SE-QLD, Australia. I’m a diesel fitter and I’ve got a weird fascination with how everything works (the missus is sick of engineering and “how it works” shows)

I just found a thread that told me my favourite piercing shop in Brisbane has someone who can do implants so I’m no longer on the fence about this, I’m going to dive in to it.

Ideally I just want to start out being able to share contact info on a smart phone, but eventually hack my car/house/safe/rfid gate/etc. Flashy things would be a bit of fun as well if possible.

Is there 1 implant that does it all (rfid, nfc, and flash) or am I looking at getting multiple implants to achieve everything I want to do?


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This is why I’m still single… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’d want to look at NFC implants if you want an implant that will work with almost every phone.

The first two chips that come to mind are the NExT and the xSIID.

The NExT contains two chips but is a single implant; an NTAG216 for the NFC side and a T5577 for the low frequency RFID side. While you’d be only using the NFC side at first, having an LF chip could potentially make your life easier when you start to add RFID to your home.

On the other hand, the xSIID is a high frequency NFC compliant implant that lights up. DT has a few bundles that include both a xSIID and an xEM in case you also want to get the low frequency functionality but you’d be looking at two implants in this case.

No, you’ll have to get at least two implants to get the three functions.


So I’d be better off with a xSIID bundle and just use the HF implant for now and put the LF implant in down the track?

I’m very quickly falling/jumping down the rabbit hole of finding out how many things are able to have an RFID scanner retrofitted.

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If I could make a recommendation, as something I failed to do early on, read read read!!! And then READ some more! Figure out exactly what you want to do, and what the priorities of everything you want your implantS (yes I almost guarantee you’ll end up with more than one) and you’ll save yourself a lot of time and heartache. And, probably money as well.

This is an awesome community! Ask away and welcome!!!


I think a better question to ask is this: what is your use case? There’s a large number of people, myself included, who wanted to do X with an implant, and got a chip that it turned out didn’t do what I wanted it to (in my situation, I needed a flexClass and ended up getting an NeXT). What do you want to do with it? If you want a way to have someone scan a business card or something small like that, an XSIID or a NeXT is a great choice.

It really all depends on your use case.


Yes, this times 10. If you have a use case where you can replace parts (door locks for example) then it is easier, but you still need a working combination of parts.

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Camk91 mentioned this in his first post:

And I’m realizing that I should’ve posted a link to the matrix of tested RFID products: