New to biohacking trying to determine the right chip

I’ve just recently started to look into the the biohacking hobby and have just started to scratch the surface of various projects and which chips to utilize.

My initial plan is just to use a chip to unlock my phone (android - oneplus5) and my laptop running windows. For that purpose it seemed like the xNT would be the most ideal. After playing around with those applications I would like to expand my options to be able to upgrade my house lock to open with a chip and possibly down the road be able to copy/emulate gym or work RFID tags to gain access.

So the main point of my post is to determine if there is one implant which i would be able to work with and accomplish all of those tasks or is the technology simply not capable yet?

Thanks for taking the time to read through!


app to unlock: “Smart Pass Lock” if the app is not in your appstore - search the APK sites. But I must warn you, the app has some small bugs. Whe nyou updta your phone, please deactivate the NFC login.

NFC Passwort Manager: you can store your password - you can only log in into this app with your implant and a pincode

door lock: you must look in your country, what they offer for RFID locks.

gym / work: I think you must aks at the gym or at the work which frequency they use and they can maybe add your UID to the system

Greetigns form Austria

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Thanks for the prompt response!

I will definitely look into those apps. But right now my main focus is determining which type of chip to actually purchase, that would be capable of doing my desired tasks… I’m hoping there’s someone with knowledge to advise me on the specific chip.

Thanks again,

get the xNT :slight_smile: I think this is the best chip to start

I have the flexNT - same frequenzy as the xNT. Important is that you need a bodymodification artist to insert it.

You are looking at your decision like one is better than the other. You must look at it as two different products that do two different things. In the end, the best one is both, as you may need both to do what you want to do. Your gym/work may not use HF tags, so the xNT won’t work. Maybe they do use HF tags but its an encrypted tag, again it won’t work. So while I agree, the xNT is capable of possibly more of things that you want to do, it most likely won’t do everything.

Take a peak here to see the different types of tags that are used…

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Agreeing with what has been stated above.

the chips are different, they work with different systems. With your phone and laptop unlock, you’ll probably want the xNT. To clone gym/work RFID tags, you’ll probably need xEM tags. But it isn’t as simple as “xEM tags”. I recommend you get yourself a couple T5577 fobs/cards, a few NFC fobs/cards and a reader/writer (I’m using a Proxmark3Lite). You can use these fobs and cards to play with what you want to accomplish without getting it implanted.

One thing to note is that the xEM approximately “just transfers a serial number”. That serial number can be in one of many formats (indala, HID, ioprox, etc), but it just transfers one thing: a serial number in a format. Which means that in order to get into your work AND your gym, you will probably need two different implants. If you’re LUCKY, and your work and gym use the same format, AND if they’ll allow you to bring your own serial number, then you can use a single implant for both door systems.

Thanks for the information! So i’ve been digging into the various chip types and was wondering if there’s a solid source that has not only specs of the chip but what their uses are? I’ve found the brief one paragraph description of the chips but i’m looking for more in depth info. Also can the xEM clone/emulate mifare cards, and what actually are mifare cards, beside the basic hotel cards…

I’m in a similar situation. In my case it is work and condo building. Both use ioprox. Work will allow me to bring my own s/n. Condo board well enough said. My idea is to clone condo s/n to xem then have work add that same s/n and assign to me. Question is will this work and is there possibly somewhere I can send my current fob to have it cloned to the implant in advance? I’d for sure want to test it before I implant.