New to biohacking- where to start?

Full disclosure, I’m completely new to biohacking and I need some guidance. I’m interested in an implant that I can store basic info, almost like a business card or contact info. I have a bad memory so I would like to see how I could play around with helpful reminders. I’d like it to be capable of being scanned by cell phone, so I would have easy access to the information.

I need a complete noob introduction. What if any coding will be required? Recommended programs to use? Basically, where do i start? Any help would be appreciated!

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I would recommend buying one of these Ultralight C Cards and test things out with your smartphone.
The xNT is AFAIK nothing else than one of these, but implanted and with bigger data storage.

If all works like you want it to, go ahead and get an xNT :wink:

The app I use on my smartphone is “NFC Tools” for android. You can read and write cards and implants with it and there are things like contacts and emergency infos you can fill out and put on the card.

Thanks for the info. The Ultralight cards aren’t available to ship to the US, would 10PCS/lot 125Khz T5577 Writable RFID Card EM4100 ID Cards Door Access Control EM Card work in the same way?

I don’t know if phones with NFC can detect 125khz cards.
Just Google “mifare ultralight C card” and pick one that is available in your region. On I can only find 50 and 100 piece bundles :slight_smile:

No, “EM” cards are not NFC. Those cards are the same as the xEM implant, low frequency, no memory, typically used for access control. Search amazon for “ntag216”, this is the same chip as in the xNT implant and they come in all sorts of form factors. Basically anything you can do with them you can do with the xNT implant.

Then get NFC Tools (worth paying for the pro) to read and write it. Personally I like it better then NXP Tag Writer. NXP Tag info is good too but only reads. This is all assuming you have android. If you have iOS you are out of luck. Apple only allows you to read NDEF records off it. No writing or access to the UID.


I saw other types of 125kHz (T5577) that had memory. Doesnt the xEM have any memory?
What’s the benefits of having one actually…?

@Evm I don’t think the idea of implanting a transponder to assist with reminders is a good idea… it’s too limited, and your phone is much better at this kind of thing than any implant would be.

If you still want to tinker around with the idea, you can get NTAG216 based cards off Amazon easy enough. That might be better, because then you could place them around the house and read/write a reminder to each one.

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me too man😅