New to implants, after advice

Hi there, I’m in Brisbane Australia and new to the implant chip world. I’m not too tech savvy and not sure which to purchase. I’m after an implant that can store my credit card for making contactless purchases or as we say here EFTPOS purchases. which chip do you recommend and do you know of anyone in the Brisbane area that can do the procedure? I appreciate your help. Brad.

Unfortunately there are no implantable chips which will currently work on eftpos in Australia.

There have been some custom implants designed by removing chips from tokens or rings issued by some Australian banks but the problem with these is they will expire. Plus I am not sure if these things are still issued.

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Unfortunately payment is one of the coolest uses that draws people… but it’s the most complicated and convoluted due to MasterCard and visa



Suncorp were talking about an implant for banking. I suspect it will come soon and once one bank (most probably a smaller online only bank e.g. Me Bank) starts the rest will pile on.

Odd. Is this only accessible in Australia?

Nope. I looked at it this morning shortly after the post was made and it was accessible. I just tried again and it has been taken down. I am in Australia.

The article basically said Suncorp Bank sent emails to customers asking if they would be interested in an implant for payments. Someone complained (likely more than one) and the bank dropped the idea and removed all reference to the idea from their site.

The site has recently gone down. I can’t access it either, I could a few hours ago. Google is still displaying the link. I had read the article earlier on today.

i wonder if the wayback machine was able to capture it… yep!

I wish someone had the link to Suncorp’s site … the “find out more” link in the image… that would have been awesome to read.

“Banks have already shown their willingness to de-bank their clients over the most nefarious reasons such as having a differing political view. With this kind of technology accounts could be closed and funds removed in an instant.”

Could someone elaborate on what they mean by this?

That’s possible without implants. You probably need a tyrannical government for that to happen but the solution to that is diversification.

Now if it was possible to have a few cards from banks from different countries in a single implant… Although this won’t make the tax and reporting requirements any easier… :eyeroll:

I did some looking and this should be the link from the email?


Edit. Think I found it.

I’ll redo and break this first link cause it’s not working when I click on it.
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Ooh. And here’s a link to the YouTube video in the article.
I didn’t search for a backup of it.
Headed to bed.

https: // YouTube

It keeps changing the format when I save it. So I’ll post a picture of it.

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