New to this and need some info

So I have no background in hacking or anything medical, but once I heard about this recently I have been researching and researching and this is definitely the most complex interesting thing I have ever heard of. I also live in Kirkland! Just my luck. So I was wondering, if I do get this implanted, how much programming will in need to do this and how? I want to get the NFC implant with my contact information and with apple/ samsung pay. If there is more that I can do, if love the information. Thanks!

So you’re looking to get the xNT… that’s great! You can definitely put your contact info in there. As for payments, read this

How do i find out the frequency number that goes with this so I can pick up on the device

@David - each product has all the tech specs listed, so that shouldn’t be a problem… the xEM is 125khz, the xNT is 13.56mhz… etc.

If you are talking about finding out what frequency a particular reader is operating at, you can try out RFID diag card.